We have made it to April!

April is such a funny month that’s filled with contradictions. The sun makes us think it’s warm out, but the temperature often defies this appearance. We have daffodils and snowstorms. Short-sleeve weather days and sweater weather days, sometimes all in the same day.

April also tends to bring a feeling of renewal, and it comes while we’re still stuck in the activities and busy-ness of winter. For those of us in academia we have end-of-semester craziness, and those in the school system still have another couple of months to chug along.

So we feel we have arrived somewhere optimistic and momentous, but we still have some mud to trudge through.

This is a great time to lean on your oils to help you, and dōTERRA’s April deals might be just what you’re looking for.


10% off: Neroli

Neroli is one of three essential oils from the bitter orange tree. Orange oil is from the peel of the fruit, Petigrain is from the bark and twigs, and Neroli is from the flowers. It is a low-yield oil, which  means you need a lot of flower petals to produce the essential oil. dōTERRA makes this precious oil affordable by offering it in diluted form for topical application.

As with many of the floral oils, Neroli is calming to the mood and skin. It’s especially great for sagging or damaged skin. As for mood, Neroli is a great one to grab if you’re feeling stress associated with overwhelm, especially if that stress is chronic.

Another Neroli superpower is its ability to support – shall we say – “loss of interest” in both men and women. I tried a quick search and didn’t find anything to support this claim. However, it does smell lovely, it does appear to manage overwhelm, and it smells great when you wear it as a “pure-fume”.

When I find myself wondering about claims like this I always think, “Well, it won’t make the situation worse, and you never know, it might just help.” At the very least you’ll smell like a goddess, and that counts for something.

Seriously though, Neroli smells glorious. It’s not too flowery and has a touch of earthiness about it. It’s subtle but not too subtle. I love pairing it with Frankincense because they smell great together, and talk about a power couple for mood management!

Neroli is 10% off this month, available on all orders.

Free Product of the Month: Lime

I love love love Lime. I use Lime every single day in my home office diffuser in this combo:

2 drops Lime, 2 drops Peppermint, 2 drops Niaouli.

Why do I use Lime in my home office? Because it’s stellar for focus, that’s why. Like all citruses it lifts the mood, it is energizing, and it smells delicious. It may also be supportive for memory.

I also love using Lime in the kitchen. Try a drop in a rum & cola or a beer instead of using a twist of the fruit. Try it with Black Pepper oil in popcorn – ooh la la! Warm some butter for drizzling on top of the popcorn, and put 3 drops Lime and 2 drops of Black Pepper into the butter. So yummy.

Lime is free for wholesale customers who are on the Loyalty Rewards Program. Place an order of 125pv by the 15th of the month and this delicious oil will magically appear in your order at checkout.

New Wellness Programs (US warehouse)

A few months ago dōTERRA released some curated collections around specific concerns. These programs run three months in the Loyalty Rewards Program. You sign up for the first month, then the next two months will automatically ship to you. Don’t panic! You can pause or cancel at any time.

dōTERRA has taken the guesswork out of figuring out what to buy to support your needs, and has priced each month’s shipment at a great price point. Each month costs the same ($79.50 USD), and many of the shipments come with items that are only available in these collections.

The first three collections are: Immunity, Relief, and Mind & Mood. This month dōTERRA released two more: Sleep, and Respiratory.

If you’re already a wholesale account holder and want to learn more, go to your shop page, choose US warehouse (if you’re Canadian), and find the “Wellness Programs” category. Grab the one you want and let dōTERRA take care of the rest for the next three months.

Canadians also has their own specially-curated collection. Due to the different products available in the different markets, Canadians have one three-month collection that is a combination of Immunity, Relief, and Mind & Mood. We don’t yet have Sleep and Respiratory but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

New Starter Kit

dōTERRA keeps revising the different ways for new customers to get started. One of the best ways to start your oil journey is to grab one of their great starter kits. The kits are a good choice because the prices are stellar, the collections are carefully curated, and you get a wholesale account along with it.

No, you don’t have to buy monthly if you get a wholesale account.

There is a new kit on the block (lol, sorry). The Aroma Essentials Collection combines the beautiful new Laluz diffuser and 10 of our most favourite oils for diffusing, including a mix of florals, citruses, woods and blends.

It is available to Canadian customers ($207 + taxes and shipping) and US customers ($149.50 + shipping). Click your country of residence to learn more.

Remember, when you become a wholesale customer in dōTERRA we don’t just leave you hanging. The person who helped you get started becomes your personal oily mentor. If that’s me, please reach out with any questions. If that’s someone else please let them help you get started.

Get Started Today

If you’re not already working with someone I would love to be your oily support person.

Find my shop page here, and please reach out with any questions you may have.