My daughter calls August “the Sunday of Summer.” Is anyone else feeling that?

As a professor I’m really feeling it. There are so many unknowns around the return to school in person. How will we keep ourselves, our students and our family safe from this thing we just don’t know enough about?

Well, one thing we can do is use our oils. I will never tell you oils will cure anything or prevent anything. But they do manage things very well, and they do this in a way that not only lets you stay focused on what needs to be done, but can also support your emotional wellbeing in the process.

I always say, “They’re not going to make anything worse, and they might just help.” At the very least you’ll experience lovely aromas that will lift your mood and make you feel calmer. That’s a win right there, in my book.

So, onward to the August promos. Please keep all this in mind as we go through what’s on offer this month, because honestly, it’s these oils that might just be the difference between you being able to manage all the things, or drowning in overwhelm and stress. I am serious about this.

Here’s the Insta live video if you prefer to watch rather than read:

August promos for Canada and US markets

This month’s North American promos are almost the same in Canadian and US markets, with one exception described at the bottom of this post.

Motivate Touch

This is our free Product of the Month*, available to our Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) customers. It smells like a chocolate orange and a chocolate mint had a baby. Roll this on your temples and back of the neck for a quick pick-me-up, and you’ll find yourself checking off your to-do-list faster than your inbox can throw new tasks at you.

I love this one for practicing and stage too. It has that magic mix that I love so much, of a citrus (Clementine), a mint (Peppermint), Rosemary, and a focus-supporter (Melissa). Or if you’re trying to support a workout routine this is the perfect choice for habit stacking. Use it every time you work out for a whoosh of energy and pretty soon just the smell of Motivate will motivate you to wiggle into that sports bra.

Here’s more info on Motivate Touch.


Lovely Spearmint is 15% off this month. Sometimes you just want a change from Peppermint, and this is the obvious choice. Spearmint, likes its more robust cousin, lifts the mood, gives you a boost of energy, clears the airways, supports focus, and aids in digestion. Energetically it also supports clear communication, so if you’re into this kind of thing, rub a drop over your throat before a presentation or a difficult conversation.

Learn more about Spearmint here. This link also has some fun recipes, like Spearmint Lemonade and Spearmint Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Back to School Essentials

This is a stellar combo: a collection of our favourite cootie-busting products using dōTERRA’s signature On Guard blend.

The collection includes:

  • hand soap pump and two refills of On Guard foaming hand wash (fills 4 bottles)
  • 3 bottles of the On Guard Sanitizing Mist
  • a box of 20 individually-wrapped On Guard wipes

OK, let’s talk about respiratory sensitivities for a minute. My mom had major problems with this so this is always on my radar.

One of the things that would always trigger her was commercial hand sanitizers. She had to be super careful because those things would always trigger a heavy wheeze, or worse. I don’t have any scent sensitivities and that stuff even triggers me!

I have a number of friends who have respiratory sensitivities who have no problem with our On Guard mist. Want to know why? Because there are no artificial “fragrances” in it, that’s why. There’s nothing in it to trigger a response. The scent is there because that’s what the plants smell like, and the aroma dissipates quickly. And yes, there is enough alcohol content for it to do its thing.

Ditto for the wipes. You don’t even need to ask what I’m wiping my piano keyboard with. Only these, nothing else. Oh, and the wipes are made of biodegradable rayon, so toss them in the compost when they’re done (but obviously the wrappers are not).

The hand soap is foamy and lovely. Some people find it a little drying so if that’s you just add 1/2 tsp of Vitamin E oil or olive oil or whatever. I always add about 10 drops of Yarrow | Pom, that does the trick for me.

These are all items that are always in stock but right now they’re specially priced as a combo, for a limited time.


This beauty is always available in the kids touch roller set, but on the very rare occasion dōTERRA makes it available in this diffusable oil-only format, right now for a limited time.

Use this where you would normally use On Guard for a little switch-up. Like On Guard it supports you when you’re feeling under the weather or you want to stay feeling your best. If you’re in a classroom or studio where it’s ok to diffuse this would be a really nice choice.

The blend is Rose, Litsea, Cedarwood and Frankincense so it smells very different from the spicier On Guard. I’m diffusing it today with a drop of Peppermint and it’s so nice. Some people even use the topical version as a pure-fume, it smells that lovely because of the Rose. Don’t be fooled, it’s a power-packed combo of cootie-busting amazingness.

Learn more about Stronger here (this link takes you to the touch roller version, but the item on promo this month is straight oil blend suitable for diffusing and not diluted.)

Harvest Spice

This is another blend that is a solid On Guard substitute. Also available for a limited time, Harvest Spice is like a more intense and cinnamony/spicy version of On Guard. I love this one around Thanksgiving when the weather is getting cooler, but obviously you can use it any time.

What’s in it:

  • Cinnamon
  • Cassia
  • Nutmeg
  • Clove
  • Cedarwood
  • Eucalyptus

This spicy formula feels energizing, but is balanced beautifully with the grounding Cedarwood. Also, you don’t need much in the diffuser, as a little goes a long way.

Here’s some info on Harvest Spice.

Summer Citrus Duo (US market only)

We have 3 versions of Mandarin essential oil, but only Green Mandarin is in the regular stock. This month you can also experience Yellow and Red Mandarin. Does they smell different? Gosh, yes! It’s surprising how different they all smell from each other.

Think of the colours as being the different stages of ripeness. Red Mandarin is the most mature fruit, with a rich and tangy aroma. Yellow Mandarin is less zippy and more flowery. For comparison, Green Mandarin (not on promo this month) is the most flowery of the three.

Bonus: 100% of the purchase price of this duo will be donated to the Healing Hands Foundation, dōTERRA’s foundational arm that is doing incredibly important work to support the well-being of people all over the world.

To learn more about Red Mandarin, click here. For Yellow Mandarin, click here.

To learn more about the Healing Hands Foundation, click here.

Ask Me!

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* The Product of the Month is free with any Loyalty Rewards Purchase of 125 or more by the 15th of the month. If you need more info, ask me!