If you’ve been reading any promotional material from dōTERRA, including the posts on this blog that talk about the promos, you will definitely have come across “LRP”. What is this?

dōTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is a way for dōTERRA to thank their regular, loyal customers. They do this by giving you points to spend on future product purchases when you order through the LRP platform.

I can’t describe it any better than dōTERRA themselves, so if you need some basic info about LRP please watch this short video:

And here is a handy graphic for reference:

Now, let’s get to the good stuff.

The straight goods on LRP

I will always give you the straight goods. This program is an autoship program, which means there’s always an open cart in your account with something in it set to ship at a later date.

Please don’t be scared off by this. You have complete control over every aspect of that cart: the contents, shipping date each month, delivery address (within your country), and method of payment. You can order from the US and Canadian warehouses on the same account (if you’re Canadian), changing it each month. You can have multiple carts going. You can plop your dō shopping list right into your cart for next month’s order.

Let’s dive into some common questions and objections, and then we’ll take it to the Ninja level.

“I don’t want to be in my cart all the time making changes.”

Right. Me neither. There are other things to do.

The first time you place an order on LRP you’ll think you’ve done it wrong. Let’s say you order a Lavender (24.50 PV) and an OnGuard (36 PV), for a total order PV of 60.50 PV (in Canadian market). You set your order date for January 14th and it processed on that date.

Then you go in and look at your cart and see there’s still sitting there a Lavender and an OnGuard for a total of 60.50 PV. “What did I do wrong?” you will cry. Then you will send your oily support person a text and ask them. And they will tell you this:

Have a look at the shipping date. Once the order goes through on January 14th, it will automatically reset with the same contents for the same date the next month. So your cart will show a shipping date of February 14th. Note the change of month.

Here’s my suggestion:

  • place your order
  • wait for the order confirmation email or text
  • use that confirmation as a prompt to go back into your LRP cart and change the contents
  • either put in some things for next month,
  • or put in something inexpensive that you know you’ll always need, like Lemon (that’s my default)

Strategic shipping date

If you were paying attention to the video or the graphic you will have noticed that there are perks for ordering on LRP in the first half of the month. An LRP order of 125 PV before the 15th of the month will get you the free Product of the Month (POM). It’s a different product every month and it’s always a surprise.

Many people automatically default to setting a shipping date near the beginning of the month. However, I recommend the following:

  • choose a shipping date that is either the 15th or as close to it, before it, as possible

New dō deals drop on the first of the month, every month. If your autoship sends on the first you won’t be able to make any adjustments before the 15th. Set your date for somewhere in the 10th-15th so you have time to make changes. Maybe the POM is Lemon and you already have that in your cart. You’ll probably want to switch that out.

Just remember, to qualify for the free POM you need to have an LRP order of at least 125 PV. (Are you catching all the acronyms?)

“What if I forget about it and get a surprise shipment?”

I’ll tell you this: we’ve all done it, and we usually only do it once. If you have followed my advice further up this post your duplicate order will be something that you need and that isn’t too expensive. I ended up with four Frankincense Touch rollers after a round of BOGOs once. I’m still using them. Of course they’re good for everything, but I really didn’t need four of them. Once it’s shipped, it’s yours. No refunds on oopsie shipments. You could always give them away as gifts.

Here is another recommendation:

  • have a prompt to remind you to change your cart contents – in your calendar, or your phone, or whatever
  • set that prompt for at least 48 hours before it is set to ship

I’ve already given suggestions for this. One is to make a holding pattern change right after you get your order confirmation. The other is to set your date towards the middle of the month so you have time to pivot.

I’ve been doing the dō for long enough that I’m always looking for the new product deals each month, so I don’t need a reminder to change the contents of my cart. But not everyone hangs on dōTERRA’s every promo like I do (shockingly).

Remember that the shipment date is exactly that: the date the package ships. Your order still needs time to be assembled, so you need to factor that into your editing scheduling. Make sure to edit your cart minimum 48 hours before it is set to ship.

“What if I want to cancel?”

Easy. Just contact Customer Service and they’ll cancel it for you. There’s no cost to be on LRP, and there’s no penalty for stopping. You can quit any time.

Remember, if you have free points accrued they will disappear when you stop your LRP, so be sure to spend those hundreds of dollars worth of points before you shut ‘er down.

“How much does the LRP cost?”

Well, that depends on what metrics you’re tracking.

There is no charge to start LRP, as mentioned above. There is no penalty for stopping LRP, which you can do at any time.

The cost of being on LRP is that you have to purchase one something every month. That’s it. As long as your order is minimum 1 PV (I think the smallest PV item is 5 PV for a lip balm) then your LRP remains active. For ease of reference, 1 PV = roughly $1 USD.

Why would you want to just order something small to keep it active instead of just cancelling in a month that you don’t need something? Because as long as you order something each month you keep the points you have earned.

Some math (sorry)

Did you catch the part in the video where you can earn up to 30% back in PV on the value of your order? This is all based on 50 PV minimum orders, and it starts at 10% back in PV to spend later. If you do a 50 PV order every month, in month 13 you have crept up to 30% return.

Very often I have hundreds of points sitting in my account waiting to be spent on Frankincense or whatever else we need. I never pay for my Frankincense, I always get it on points.

Let’s say you have 300 points sitting in your account and you have a month where you don’t need anything. You’re thinking about cancelling, but if you do you’ll lose those 300 points (unless you spend them all first). But if you buy a lip balm for 5 PV you can keep those points there and move on.

Also if you cancel and then restart later you come back at 10% return. If you’re already at 30% return you’ll want to give that some serious thought.

What if I don’t want to place a 50 PV order in a month?

The minimum requirement is 1 PV (but really, 5 PV). If your order is less than 50 PV then you don’t get the percentage back in points on the PV of your order. But you do get your shipping cost back (more below). And you keep your accrued points. And you maintain your rewards percentage level, you don’t go down a level or anything like that.

So – as long as you place any order of any PV you keep your points and your rewards level, and you get shipping back in points. Any less than 50 PV and you don’t get the extra rewards on the value of your order but the rest is the same.

“Is it complicated?”

To be honest, yes, a bit at first. But it does get better.

That’s the great thing about having an oily support person. It’s our job to answer questions for you and to help you navigate all these things.

Also, there are oodles of how-to videos and posts just a quick search away. But really, this is the big perk of our business model: it’s your oily support person’s job to help you with these things. When you sign up with dōTERRA, you don’t just get oils, you get your oily support person. That’s what we’re here for. Use us.

“I don’t want to wait, I want my stuff now.”

Cool. It’s no fun editing your cart on the first of the month and then having to wait for the 15th for it to ship. That’s why there’s the “process now” button.

In fact, there are certain promotions during which you have to use the “process now” button. BOGOs fall into this category, and anything else that is limited edition or time sensitive, including holiday items. For those purchases you have to “process now” because those items won’t languish in your cart forever. They’re not forever items, they’re limited time.

Keep this in mind the next time we go into BOGOs. It’s definitely worth it to buy your BOGOs on LRP, just make sure to “process now” because each BOGO is valid only for that one 24-hour period.

The next part of this post is for people who have been on LRP for at least a few months and who are comfortable navigating the process. If this isn’t you yet, read on to see what’s possible. Don’t be scared! It does get easier and it’s definitely worth it.

Ninja level: multiple LRP carts

Why would you want to do this? Maybe you don’t want to be mucking around with a regular order but something special has come up.

Maybe you want to order something to send to someone else as a gift. Or maybe there is a special promo (like BOGOs) and you want a cart just for that.

You can either go into your existing LRP cart and just make alterations to that one, or you can create an entirely separate, second LRP cart just for the special occasion.

Here’s how:

  • go to the shop page
  • find “create new LRP” on the right of the screen
  • set your shipping date – for these one-off LRP orders I always go as late as possible
  • shop away
  • at the review order screen you can change the shipping address and billing information if it’s different than the usual

Why would you want to bother with this when a standard order is so much easier? Because if your order is over 50 PV you get rewards back, and you get all your shipping back on every LRP order. A little effort for more free stuff is a-ok in my books.

Then, when the confirmation comes in for the order go into your cart and delete it (see below).

Ninja level: warehouse hopping

In Canada we have access to both the US and Canadian warehouses. As long as you order in one or the other each month your LRP stays active. It doesn’t matter which warehouse, and you can switch each month. Everything is tied to your one account and all your rewards go to the same place.

Let’s say in January I place a US order that is my standard, monthly order. Then a promo comes out (maybe BOGOs or whatever, we honestly don’t know when those drop) and I want to do another order, but through Canada this time. Here’s what I do:

  • go to the shop page
  • click the flag for the warehouse I want to shop in (Canada, in this case)
  • create a new LRP order
  • choose a shipping date
  • put stuff in the cart
  • at checkout choose “process now”

Then I have placed a second January order, this time through the Canadian warehouse. My regular US warehouse order remains undefiled by BOGO debauchery.

Ninja level: cancelling an LRP order without contacting Customer Service

This only works if you have more than one LRP cart running. If you want to quit LRP completely you have to contact Customer Service.

In the scenario above, January saw a US order, plus another order through Canada. After my Canadian order I want to get rid of it (so I don’t end up with another round of 4 surprise Frankincense Touch rollers).

Since I have two active LRP carts, I can just cancel one of them. I’ll go into that Canadian order, go to the review cart page, scroll to the bottom on the left and click “Cancel this LRP order.” Done.

Ninja level: maximizing the promos

Let’s take the 125 PV Product of the Month promo as an example. As long as your order is 125 PV you get the freebie.

So you put together your cart and it comes to 250 PV. Have a look and see if you can pull that apart and turn it into two orders of 125 PV! This way you get the freebie twice. (Note: it never works to pull it apart exactly in half like this, but you can try.)

Then there are the months where there is also a 200 PV promo. This is valid for any kind of order, not just LRP. Say you’ve been holding off on a big order and now you have 400 PV worth of stuff to buy. If you split your order into two orders of 200 PV, and you do it before the 15th, and you do it on LRP, you’ll get:

  • the 200 PV freebie, plus
  • the 125 PV POM, plus
  • oodles of points back on your order, plus
  • all your shipping back in points

Yes you’ll pay for shipping twice, but you get that all back anyway. Read on.

Why all the bother?

Because, so much free stuff, that’s why.

Not only do you get rewards on orders 50 PV and higher, plus 125 PV POM freebies, but you also get your shipping given back to you in points.

Many people shy away from the US orders because of the extra shipping costs. Honestly, $14 for shipping is not much from the US. For me in Ontario to ship one roller bottle 50 km down the highway it costs $15 (for real), so we’re spoiled with dōTERRA’s Canadian shipping of $6.

However, if you remember that 100% of your shipping costs come back to you in points, then it takes that sting away. Maybe you need something really fast from the US and shipping is $40. Well, that $40 comes back to you in freebies. $1 shipping = 1 PV, regardless of the warehouse.

So, up to 30% back in points, all your shipping, and a freebie every month. This is worth the extra effort in my mind.

Also a note for Canadians ordering from the US warehouse: there is a 6% markup on these orders to cover duty and extra charges, and there is no tax on those orders. The price is the price. There will be no surprise call from Customs asking you to hand over your first-born in exchange for your Adaptiv capsules.

Coda: use your oily support person

That’s what we are here for. We live in this complex dōTERRA world and we know how to navigate it. When we give you the pitch about LRP it’s because we know how amazing it is for bringing down the cost of your product. With just a little bit of strategizing a couple of days per month you can drastically cut the cost of you your oily habit.

I used to think the points promos through my favourite drug store were stellar – wow! 10% back in points today! Ha, that’s cute. Gimme 30% any day, baby.

LRP is not an upsell, it’s a really great way to make this lifestyle fit into your budget. Happy shopping!