If you get no other BOGO this week, make it this one!

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Frankincense Touch

Frankincense Touch has become a staple in my collection, one of the few oils that has the coveted status of making it into my small purse.

Ok, full disclosure: this happened because (long story short) I ended up with four Frank Touch rollers one month. I thought, “What the heck am I going to do with four Frank Touch rollers? Might as well put them where I’ll use them.” So one went into my purse where I have room for only a few roller bottles. He’s there with rollers for focus/stage, headaches, and one other that changes depending on my needs. It’s an important position.

I knew the Frank is good for everything so I figured this diluted, topical application roller would be a good choice to have with me all the time, sort of a pre-first-aid tool.

Doing this has helped me learn so much about what Frank, used topically, can do. It’s truly an amazing oil.

Without even consulting my references, here is what I have used this roller for:

  • Performance anxiety (focus). I will not go on stage any more without Frank on me. It is in my focus combo, but in a pinch (or a scent-free situation) just straight-up Frank will do the job too. It allows you to become focused, and to be aware of distractions without letting them draw you away from what you’re doing.
  • Performance anxiety (centering). Do you get crazy nervous before going on stage? If you’re back stage and feeling the freak out, apply Frank to your temples, back of neck, and anywhere you can smell it. It takes away the jitters but doesn’t dull the excitement. Make no mistake, some other oils can dull the edge as they take the nerves away. Frank just manages the nerves so you can keep that magic energy without becoming distracted by it.
  • Head tension. This is especially useful when going into a scent-free environment situation. Obviously this is not high priority right now, but it will be again. Frank doesn’t have a strong aroma, it won’t trigger respiratory irritation, and it doesn’t make people think that it will (because it won’t). It smells just like resin, because that’s what it is. You’ll smell vaguely, but not specifically, like trees. It really helps to take the edge off the head thing when you haven’t had enough coffee or water.
  • Anything that hurts. Practiced too long and your wrists/elbows/forearms/shoulders/neck/back/hips hurt? Grab that Frank roller and apply to location. If you know you get discomfort in a specific place from practicing, apply before you play to help manage that situation on the front end.

These are just the ways I use Frank Touch in my performing and rehearsing life. You can also use it to support:

  • skin – imperfections or irritations of any kind
  • immunity – apply to spine and bottoms of feet if you feel something coming on, or if you’ll be heading to a store any time soon
  • cellular health – promotes healthy cell

I also love Frank for management of really difficult moods. I had one day where I hated everything and everyone. Applied Frank to my face as I do every night to keep my skin looking its best, and after a big inhalation during application my anxiety level dropped, noticeably. It pulled me down out of an anger spiral that was bubbling up, fueled by anxiety. That was the moment I realized just how powerful Frank is for mood management.

Can you tell I love this oil? The Touch roller is genius because you can use it on almost anyone. It’s pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil for topical application, and it’s already a mild oil on the skin so you can safely apply it to little ones (or pets for that matter) and know that they will be well supported.

Please, musicians, I implore you, if there is only one BOGO for you this week, please make it this one.

$58.25 wholesale CDN / $77.67 retail

Neroli Touch

I’m not usually one to be drawn to the floral oils to wear as a pure-fume, but Neroli is one of the limited few I do reach for when I just want to smell nice.

However, if you know anything about oils by now, you’ll know that pretty smells are never just pretty smells. Neroli is no exception.

Neroli not only smells like spring orange blossoms, but she is stellar for:

  • Mood management, especially the ones that come on suddenly such as panic, fear, grief, and anger
  • Any sort of hormonally-related imbalance, especially for women at any stage of life
  • Getting into the mood (ahem)
  • All the skin things
  • Lower abdominal digestive issues

She smells glorious and she helps manage really difficult moods, with some other great benefits on the side.

Frank for immunity and focus, Neroli for mood. Seriously, a winning combo today.

$58.25 wholesale CDN / $77.67 retail 

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If I’m that person for you, I’d love nothing more than to help you get these oils into your home.

Here are some options for you. Follow the links to the one that’s right for you, then reach out to me so we can set up a time to chat.

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