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UPDATE: This BOGO has sold out in Canada as of noon EDT! You can still grab them in the US warehouse.

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Citrus Bloom

This little beauty has a bit of a cult following in dōTERRA world. It came out last year as a limited-time item, and sold out. dōTERRA made another batch because it was so popular, and it sold out too. Now it’s back, and it will also sell out.

Why do people go so crazy for this blend? Because it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Here’s what’s in it:

  • Wild Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Lavender
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Magnolia

Since quarantine started this is one of the oils I’ve been reaching to most. My favourite way to use it is with Adaptiv in the diffuser. I’m halfway through the last of my stash from the previous round and I was sad thinking that would be the end of it. You can imagine my surprise and delight to find out this would be on the BOGO offerings this week.

I think I’m craving this blend so hard during quarantine because it seems to remind me that there is hope, that spring is coming (it’s been quite dreary here in Ontario), and that everything will be ok. The sun will come out tomorrow, and all that.

Citrus oils are uplifting, and the florals are calming. Anxious feelings just melt away with this blend pumping. It’s the perfect balance of taking the edge off the despair and giving hope for the future.

If ever there was a perfect quarantine blend, I think it might be this.

Here’s a little more info from dōTERRA on beautiful Citrus Bloom.

Pink Pepper

I love Pink Pepper too! It is a great mix of spicy but mellow, a bit like Black Pepper but smoother. It is absolutely delicious to cook with. In the diffuser it smells so good with citruses and oils. I never thought to pair it with Citrus Bloom but it’s in my diffuser right now and it’s amazing.

Sometimes when a new oil comes out we try it in different scenarios and see what happens. I was drawn to diffusing this at night, but I found that it caused me not to sleep well. After a little poking around I discovered it’s really good for focus and alertness. Well, there you go.

Pink Pepper really shines when you take a drop or two internally. It is steller for supporting so many of our important bodily systems, like immune, respiratory and cardiovascular. Clearly this is a good choice for us all to have within easy reach right now. Add a drop or two to some water (it’s not a strong flavour), or take in an empty veggie capsule.

Here is some info from dōTERRA on Pink Pepper. Please scroll down in that post to the sourcing video. There are some interesting, moving, and important stories to tell about Pink Pepper and its sourcing.

Diffuse diffuse diffuse

These two oils are so stellar in the diffuser! Here are some great ideas for you to try.

Getting started

If you don’t yet have oils and want to get started, I would highly recommend you grab today’s BOGO. Citrus Bloom may not come around again, ever. Pink Pepper is such a great oil to support our bodies, and it’s one that you might not think to add to your collection right at the beginning. I promise, you’ll love it.

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