What a stellar combo for respiratory support (among other things), AND we get 3 oils today!

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Spearmint smells exactly like spearmint gum. To be honest, I didn’t like Spearmint for a long time, but since being stuck at home all the time it’s one of the oils I reach for the most. Sometimes it happens that way, that it takes a while for an oil to grow on us. If you do ever have that experience with an oil, just hold on to it, it may call to you later.

Spearmint is a great substitute for Peppermint if you’re looking for something a little smoother. It has many similar benefits to its more intense cousin. It is supportive for focus, can be applied topically to stop head tension from developing or to manage other discomforts, is soothing to an upset tummy, can cool you down, and obviously can help open up the airways with one inhalation.

Click here for more info about Spearmint.

More Spearmint info, including sourcing info and DIY ideas.


Lemon holds one of the coveted spots in the “top ten” oils for good reason. This little beauty is so versatile.

Diffusing Lemon can help manage a cough, lift the mood, purify the air, and help manage seasonal threats.

Use Lemon in your DIY surface cleansing. Not only does it smell great but it’s a stellar de-gunkifier and de-greaser and has tough cleaning power. Combine with a little olive oil for a fabulous wood polish.

Lemon really shines when taken internally. It’s the first one to try when you start experimenting with using oils in your water. Add one drop to a tall glass of water (in a glass or metal container, please!). It tastes delicious and it helps “move things along” through various systems. You will find yourself really enjoying your water and you’ll drink more of it! (Spearmint is delicious in water too, by the way.)

Click here for more info about Lemon.

More info about Lemon, including sourcing and other links.

Here’s a fun link: 10 Ways to Spring Clean with Lemon


If there ever was an oil to use aromatically for open airways it would be Eucalyptus. It’s obviously a stellar oil for clear breathing. Diffuse, or drop into cupped hands and inhale from there.

Eucalyptus also has a host of other advantages. If you’re suffering from brain fog this is a good one to inhale. I love it with Spearmint or Peppermint while I’m practicing, as I find it really helps with energetic focus. Like Lemon it works well to boost your surface cleansing too.

A great advantage to using Eucalyptus topically is it helps break down lactic acid buildup. So if you’re on Day 2 of your daily home workout project and things are starting to feel creaky, add a little Eucalyptus post-workout to help manage that.

Click here for more info about Eucalyptus

More info about Eucalyptus, including sourcing info



This trio is stellar for diffusing. I have all three together in the diffuser right now and it smells amazing, plus the combo supports focus, mood, and energy. There are a million other diffuser combos using at least one of each of these oils, so have fun experimenting! Here are a few suggestions for you.

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