Oh, my friends.

In true dōTERRA fashion they have given us a truly spectacular combo for our last day of BOGOs.

Today only, buy Rose Touch, get Beautiful and Lavender free!

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Rose Touch

Rose is one of the staple oils that we all need to be using during this crazy time, and here’s why: it’s superior for immune system support and for anxious feelings. Boom. Pair it with your Frankincense Touch BOGO from Tuesday and you have everything covered.

That’s just the start. Rose is also one of our “fountain of youth” oils. Use in your skin care routine to help you look your best on your Zoom meetings. It can manage skin irritations like a boss. It helps rashes and wounds heal cleanly, safely and quickly.

Rose also is one of the most supportive oils for reproductive issues in both women and men. Help regular the monthlies and recover from the baby blues with this oils. If your partner is more in the mood than you are (especially while you’re cooped up together all the time) apply topically to abdomen and bottoms of feet to help you be more into the situation. It can help the fellas in this regard too.

When I first smelled Rose it completely blew my socks off. This oil spoke to me so profoundly. You know when you find a rose garden in full bloom, and you just walk around smelling everything because it’s so amazing? You know that feeling of calm and peace you get from doing that? Well, in the absence of a rose garden, we have it in a bottle. It’s that garden walk, and then some.

Truly, this is one spectacular oil and should be in daily use by everyone right now. It’s gentle enough to use on the kiddos too, and will help keep everyone healthy and feeling good.

Here is a little more reading for you:

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But wait, there’s more!

Beautiful Captivating Blend

I love love love love Beautiful. It is limited edition, so don’t miss out like so many people did on Wednesday with the Citrus Bliss promo! You can’t buy Beautiful in your online shop, the only way to get it is through promos like this.

My daughter thinks Beautiful smells like those Swedish Fish gummies, in a good way. I think she’s right, it’s sort of sweet and cheerful. Here’s what’s in it:

If you know a bit about your oils you can have a quick glance at the ingredients and figure out more or less what this oil will do for you. Citruses are uplifting, so we have Lime and Bergamot for that (did you know Bergamot is a citrus? I didn’t until I started oiling!). Florals support calm and manage anxious feelings (Osmanthus). Frankincense does pretty much everything, including immune system and mood support.

That’s all wonderful and everything, but what really makes this oil special is that it just smells glorious. If you’re someone who wears perfumes this is one you might be drawn to for daily use. It smells different on everyone. What is so great about wearing oils as a personal fragrance is you get all these other side benefits too, and avoid the synthetics that come with traditional perfumes.

Know what smells wonderful? Beautiful and Rose together. Try it and report back.

Read more about Beautiful Touch Captivating Blend


If I were stranded on a desert island and could only take one oil, Lavender would be in the running. For a long time it was my desert-island oil, hands down.

Think back to when you first experienced dōTERRA oils. I love hosting classes in person to watch people’s reactions when they smell are oils for the first time. I always look for the reaction in people where they find the oil that speaks to them. It’s different for everyone. I know someone who had that experience wtih Rose. Frankincense is another one. Easy Air for some others.

For me it was Lavender. The moment I smelled that Lavender it felt like someone put a warm blanket over my shoulders and gave me a reassuring hug. It calmed me instantly. Of all the oils in the collection, this oil is the one that works the fastest on shifting my emotional state.

Lavender is all things calming. It calms the emotions, it calms fussy babies, it calms your mind so you can nod off to sleep. It calms skin irritations, including burns and difficult rashes. Bug bites and hives. Seasonal threats.

It is one of the most versatile oils around. It is spectacular in the diffuser with pretty much everything. Know what smells awesome? Equal parts Lavender and Eucalyptus from yesterday’s BOGO.

Diffuse equal parts Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint during pollen season. It smells like a spa and will help manage your body’s reactions to pollen.

I could go on and on. This is absolutely a foundational oil and should be in everyone’s home arsenal for smelling and feeling your best.

Here is some more reading on Lavender.

For general info and lots of DIY links: Lavender Oils Uses and Benefits

For sourcing info: Discover Solutions: Lavender

dōTERRA’s Commitment to Purity

I can hear you thinking right now, “But I hate Lavender! It gives me a headache!” Yes, most lavender does that to me too. But not this one.

Yes, most lavender on the market does that to me too. I thought I hated lavender until I smelled dōTERRA’s. Think about this: lavender is the most common of all essential oils on the market. Because of this it is also the most adulterated of all the oils on the market. There is a lack of regulation on the labelling of oils. If a bottle says “100% pure essential oil” there might be some 100% pure essential oil of lavender in there, along with a whole host of other things that the company doesn’t need to disclose.

This is why testing and report is so vital, and is absolutely central to dōTERRA’s mission. dōTERRA makes its third-party testing reports available online to anyone who wants to see them. If you’re interested in learning more about this go to the website www.sourcetoyou.com and poke around. On the top right you’ll see a bar that says “Enter your quality ID”.

Grab any bottle of dōTERRA essential oil that is a single oil (not a blend or a touch roller) and look on the bottom. You’ll see an expiry date and a batch number. Enter the batch number into that search bar and see what comes up. If you want a batch number to try, here’s the batch number from my bottle of Lavender:1904610k If you can ready chemistry profiles you can download and view the chemical breakdown and everything.


Only dōTERRA’s oils can be labelled Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). Learn to look past labelling and demand to know exactly what’s in your bottle. Not all essential oils brands are the same, and you can’t go by smell alone.

P.S. Lavender oil can be ingested. Did you know that? Check your bottle, and it should indicate whether it’s safe for internal use. The Canadian label for dōTERRA’s Lavender says “For aromatic, topical, or dietary use.” If you have a US bottle it might have nutritional information, or something else that indicates that it’s safe for internal use. Go grab your bottle of lavender and have a look.

Get Started Today

If you’re not yet a wholesale customer with dōTERRA, today is a great day to get started.

You’ll notice a “pv” on our products. This is the product value. So many of our promos are based on this value, which is mostly consistent across the different markets.

For today only, if you start your new wholesale account with a pv of 100 or more, you’ll qualify for a free Citrus Bliss and a cash rebate from me! In order to qualify you must talk to me before placing your order.

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