I totally can’t believe it’s February. Does anyone else feel like all the months are just running together? 

Seriously, it’s the little things like looking forward to new monthly promos that help mark the monthly milestones. 

Here’s what’s up for February! Maybe this will cheer your spirits. (Oils are usually pretty good for that anyway.) 

Don’t feel like reading? Here’s a video:

10% off Green Mandarin 

Green Mandarin is without a doubt my favourite citrus oil. Why? Because it smells distinctly different than all the others. It’s fruity and fresh, yes. But it’s not tart or sour, and it’s sort of floral, in an unexpectedly lovely way. 

There’s also a great story about Green Mandarin, and I love a great storyApparently mandarin trees overproduce fruit. The ones we end up eating are the ones that have stayed on the tree the longest, and at some point along the line the tree drops some of its fruit so the stronger fruit can mature and ripen. Those dropped mandarins were just left to rot. 

So, the dōTERRA people though, “Hm, I wonder what would happen if we press the unripened mandarins?” (Citrus oils come from the rind, which is cold pressed.) They tried it, and we now have the gloriously lovely Green Mandarin. 

Here’s also a great fun fact about Green Mandarin: unlike all the other citrus oils, this oil does not cause photosensitivity. That means, with the other citrus oils if you put them on your skin and go out into the sun, your skin may be more likely to burn. Not so with our beautiful friend Green Mandarin. 

You can put a drop in your water and you’ll want to drink water all day. Diffuse it to instantly uplift the mood in any room. Put it in your lotions and moisturizer and smell amazing all day. This is definitely an oil to add to your collection. 

Free Product of the Month: Lemon Eucalyptus

Lemon Eucalyptus is one of the newer oils and it’s one many people don’t yet have. I love it when these lesser-known oils end up as freebies because, well, then you get it for free… 

This one is interesting. It has a very sharp, fresh aroma. I think it smells almost exactly like Citronella (which we also have, by the way). As you might expect it’s good for repelling bugs, including ticks. Not that you need that right now if you live in Canada, but just keep that in your back pocket. 

It’s a great surface cleaner, and I’m told it smells delicious when mixed with On Guard. Add a few drops to your On Guard Concentrate spray cleaner for a new scent and boosted cleaning power.

Lemon Eucalyptus is also a stellar odour neutralizer. Do you use dryer balls with oils added? I do, and I find that unless the oil has a stronger aroma, I don’t really smell it. I’ll try this one next, and the pong management is an added bonus. 

Speaking of that, here’s a fun use for Lemon Eucalyptus. You can add some drops directly to the toilet after an eventful think session, if you know what I mean. Add a couple of drops after “dropping your kids off at the pool” as my husband likes to say. Or you can be a little more proactive and add to the inside of the toilet paper roll. 

Get yours free this month with a Loyalty Rewards Program order of 125 PV or more by the 15th of the month. 

200 PV promo: FOUR On Guard Products for Free!

They don’t mess around with these 200 PV promos. If you place any order of any kind at any point this month that is 200 PV or more, you get the following for free: 

You all know On Guard by now, right? It’s an amazing blend of Wild Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. Yes, you can ingest this one – it’s delicious in pancakes and coffee and maple syrup. Add a drop to some water and dip some apple slices, tastes like apple pie. 

The blend helps us to stay healthy, so diffuse it in your studios when you can have students in them again. Add it to your cleaners for an extra boost of cootie control. Look up recipes that use On Guard, it’s delicious. Here’s a start:

The Touch roller is pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil for topical application. Roll it on your spine before leaving the house and douse yourself in it when you get back in. 

The On Guard Mist (known in the US market as Sanitizing Mist) is a great spray sanitizer. Use it on your hands instead of those nasty fragrance-filled gel ones. When my husband goes out to a store I can always tell the second he walks in the door if he has used the store sanitizer. I don’t have scent sensitivities but that stuff triggers even me. This stuff won’t, I promise, and it won’t strip the skin off your hands either. 

The Foaming Hand Wash feels lovely and smells amazing, and foams in a very satisfying way. You need to wash your hands anyway, you might as well do it with On Guard and really protect yourself. 

Get all four of these amazing products free with any 200 PV order. 

Doing the Math: 5 freebies

That 200 PV promo is available to anyone on any kind of order at any time. The free Lemon Eucalyptus is available to those who place a Loyalty Rewards Program order of 125 PV by the 15th of the month. 

So… you with me? If you place an LRP order of 200 PV by the 15th, you get the four On Guard products plus the Lemon Eucalyptus, all for free. Cha-ching! 

Wait, there’s more! One for you, one for me.

There’s a beautiful “Share the Love” promo. If you start your wholesale account this month with an order of $150 dollars (not PV, actual dollars), you get 50 dōTERRA dollars (points) added to your account next month to spend on whatever you want. 

There’s even more! If you are the person to help your friend get set up (as in, you enrol them), you also get 50 PV added to your account next month too! 

It’s totally not sketchy to sign people up. Just upgrade your account for free, help them start their account, you both get 50 points, and that’s it. No strings, nothing. Reach out to your oily support person for help if you’d like to do this. 

If ever there were a month that we need oils it’s this month right here. Help your friends get what they need, and ask for help if you need it. 

Stay well!