It’s really hard to get work done when dōTERRA keeps springing these crazy great deals on us.

Something for Dad

The first one we knew was coming. Welcome back, Amāvī!

Amavi first came around two Father’s Days ago. It sold like wildfire, and when it was gone so many people begged dōTERRA to bring back the line.

Bath  Bar

In particular, that bath bar knocked our socks off. I mean, look at this gorgeousness:

When it came out the first time the bath bar was with Balance blend and people freaked out it was so good. This blend is different and it looks amazing too. I’m seriously getting this kit just for that soap, it’s that good.

Oils in the soap:

  • Buddah Wood
  • Tea Tree
  • Balsam Fir
  • Peppermint
  • Litsea

Golly, yes please. Oh, right … maybe I should get a second one for the husband.

Amavi Touch Roller

There is also the amazing Amavi Touch roller bottle. I have some manly man friends who just can’t get enough of this blend. It smells like you’ve been out chopping wood all day and it’s evening and there’s the forest and a campfire and all that calming feeling that goes along with that image. It also happens to be great for skin. Nice bonus.


  • Buddha Wood
  • Balsam Fir
  • Black Pepper
  • Hinoki
  • Patchouli
  • plus cocoa extract in fractionated coconut oil

Ladies, both the man in your life and you will love this.

Don’t miss out, it will sell out.

$47.50 CDN wholesale

Citrus Sale!

dōTERRA really loves doing surprise sales. To help celebrate the Memorial Day weekend they have put all their citrus oils on sale!

This makes me so happy! A sale on oils that make you happy! It’s a happy sale on happy oils!

Sorry, I’m a little excited over here.

In the short descriptions below you’ll see each oil hyperlinked, which will take you to one of the dōTERRA blog posts about that oil. If you’re craving more information about each oil and how they’re different from each other, follow the links.

Prices listed are Canadian wholesale prices.

Here are the details:

Cheer blend, Tangerine, and Green Mandarin are 30% off

Tangerine is like Wild Orange but smoother. It is delicious in smoothies and behaves nicely in the diffuser. $13.48 11.20pv (down from $19.25)

Cheer blend is also known as “uplifting blend”. It smells like cookies. I have an oily colleague who, twice now, witnessed someone smell Cheer without knowing what it’s called and then say, “I feel happy.” Upon telling them the name of the blend they were very surprised. It does what it says. $22.40 18.55pv (down from $32.00)

Green Mandarin is probably my favourite aroma of all the citrus oils. It is light and fresh and flowery, and it’s surprisingly delicious in water. $25.20 21pv (down from $36.00)

Wild Orange, Lime, and Citrus Bliss are 20% off

Wild Orange is a daily staple. It is the go-to oil for an instant pick-me-up, especially when combined with Peppermint. Add a drop or two to any smoothie for the yummiest smoothie ever.  $10.20 8.40pv (down from $12.75)

I can’t seem to get enough of Lime lately. It has been in my diffuser every single day since quarantine started. I love it diffused with Peppermint and Rosemary (2 drops of each). Last night I topped my popcorn with some melted butter plus 3 drops of Lime and 2 drops of Black Pepper. So good. $13.50 11.20pv (down from $16.75)

Citrus Bliss smells exactly like creamsicles. Every kid loves this one. It’s the smoothest-ever citrus blend with a touch of Vanilla absolute (so don’t ingest this one, even though you’ll want to). For instant calm pair it with Balance. $18.40 15.20pv (down from $23.00)

Lemon, Grapefruit, and Bergamot are 10% off

Lemon is the most all-purpose of all the citrus oils and should be a stable in everyone’s home. It’s delicious, it smells amazing, and it cleans and de-gunk-ifies like nothing else. $12.60 10.35pv (down from $14.00)

Grapefruit is my daughter’s all-time favourite oil. It is tart and crisp and lovely. Add to some bubbly water for a great craving buster. $20.70 17.10pv (down from $23.00)

Before dōTERRA I had no idea Bergamot was a citrus fruit. It is what magically turns black tea into Earl Grey tea. Of all the citrus oils this one is the least typically citrusy. It has that citrus tartness but is smooth and not specifically “like” any of the other oils. It plays well in the diffuser with absolutely every other oil and is genius for emotional balancing. $34.65 28.80pv (down from $38.50)

Now is the time to stock up on these staples! Sale ends May 26th.

Ongoing: Boost Your Rewards Promo

This post is already long so here is the short version:

If you are an existing customer, place a Loyalty Rewards Order of minimum 100pv and get 30% back in points to spend on future product!

If you are a new customer, start your dōTERRA wholesale account this month with minimum 100pv and you also get 30% back in product points!

Valid for the Canadian market only!

Official information here: Boost Your Rewards

New people, read on…

For New Wholesale Customers Only

There are so many promos available to you right now to help you get your wholesale account started, and we’re adding one more exclusive deal, just for new customers into my organization.

If you start a wholesale account with minimum 100pv plus the wholesale membership fee of $42, I will gift you a free diffuser!

Add to that the already existing deals! If you start your wholesale account this month with minimum 100pv you get:

  • 30% back in product points to spend on future product
  • qualify for a free Citrus Bliss (must contact me ahead of time to get a special promo code)

Plus the free diffuser if you start with 100pv of the citrus oils on sale right now.

Let’s make this easier

  • There is a link at the bottom. Read this first.
  • In the link is a cart already set up for you with the wholesale membership and all the citrus oils
  • Remove/add whatever you want to the cart
  • Keep the “pv” above 100 (different than the price)
  • Contact me before checking out so you can get a code for a free Citrus Bliss (give me a few hours)
  • Send me a message to make sure I get your bonus diffuser ready to go

Link here: Get me started!

Note: when looking at the prices in the link they may not show up with the sale price. Go all the way to just before checking out to see the sale prices in the cart (and you can check against this post for accuracy).

There is so much info here! Please reach out with any questions, and for goodness sake please stock up on those citrus oils!