It’s March, friends! We have made it through the longest, shortest month of the year, of the longest year, ever. Ha!

If you made it through that sentence, hats off to you.

Let’s get straight to the deals for March.

If you’d rather watch a video, here you go:


Cedarwood for centered emotions

Don’t you love it when something is on your list to buy this month and then it shows up in a promo? Cedarwood is one of my daily-use oils and I have just run out of it.

I use Cedarwood every single night in my diffuser. Sometimes I try new ones, but I always come back to this:

  • 3 drops Bergamot, 2 drops Cedarwood, 1 drop Marjoram

I don’t know what drew me to that blend in the first place. Maybe I was curious about the Marjoram. It’s really nice, and it adds a sweet herbaceous quality to the blend. Give it a try!

Cedarwood is free for folks who are on the monthly Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). To get yours free, place an LRP order of 125pv or higher by the 15th of March and dōTERRA will pop one of these into your order box for you.

What the heck is “grounding”?

The wood oils are all known for their “grounding” properties. That word bugged me for a long time. It’s like “phrasing” for musicians. Ask someone to explain “phrasing” and it stops them in their tracks.

Anyway, it helps me to think of “grounding” like this: you’re a tree, firmly rooted. There’s a big wind storm, and lots of stuff being thrown at you, threatening to topple you over. But you stand firm in your roots, going with the flow, but staying where you need to be.

How’s that for poetry? Maybe I won’t give up my day job. Really though, if you’re feeling scattered and overwhelmed, give Cedarwood a sniff. It’s very subtle in the diffuser so it works well in a blend better than on its own. If you smell it right out of the bottle it smells a bit like a sauna, but without the sweaty bodies. It’s really nice.

The wood oils are also excellent for skin, especially for those of us of a … certain age. Add a drop to your moisturizer and manage your skin and your emotions at the same time.

Cedarwood essential oil diffuser blends


Soothe aches with Lemongrass

Musicians! Pay attention. You need Lemongrass. If you ever have issues with sore tendons Lemongrass is your oil. It has a pleasant warming sensation on the skin and it does something magical with the kinds of small-tissue aches that plague those of us doing repetitive motion activities. Mix with Deep Blue and Copaiba, or use on its own.

My son has been overdoing it on the Minecraft and has been complaining about his wrist. Please don’t judge my parenting, times are tough. So we put a little Lemongrass on his wrist and arm, and he decided on his own that he needs a break. Whatever works, right?

It’s also stellar on tired and achy feet, especially if mixed with Deep Blue (rub or oil) and Copaiba.

Take that!

Lemongrass has a bunch of other great uses too. It can soothe your feet and make your dinner smell great! Take that, over-the-counter pain rub! I promise your dinner will not smell like feet.

Here’s another neat surprise with Lemongrass: it can remove nail polish. Truth! In fact, if you want a laugh, here is my very first-ever facebook live video where I demonstrated this. Filmed October 2018, my then ten year-old daughter was my videographer, and I was soooo nervous! But it does show that Lemongrass works to remove nail polish. And you can cook with it. Take that, acetone poison.

There’s one more thing I love with Lemongrass. There is an amazing  book called I Am Fabulous that is full of wonderful roller bottle and diffuser blends. The blend called “Clear the Clutter” is no joke: diffuse this and get all that stuff out of your house.

  • 2 drops Lemongrass, 1 drop Lime, 1 drop Douglas Fir.

I’m not kidding. Clear your schedule for this one because it works like gangbusters.

Oh, right. Lemongrass is 15% off this month. Bonus!

Lemongrass essential oils diffuser blends


Set the mood with limited time diffuser kits

In Canada this month we have a bundle on the new Dawn humidifier, plus On Guard and Easy Air. Here’s why this is a really smart bundle.

The Dawn humidifier is a specially-designed humidifier/diffuser. It’s important to use essential oils only in a humidifier specifically designed to take oils. The oils should not be warmed in the process.(I can’t remember why regular humidifiers and essential oils don’t mix. Maybe it’s because you’ll fry both your humidifier and your oils. Don’t risk it.)

The Dawn humidifier is dōTERRA’s first “humidifier”. It has a long running time and is very quiet.

This particular bundle is brilliant because it effectively takes the place of “that humidifier” you had when you were a kid, and had a cold, and your mom put the stuff on your chest to help you breathe, and also put some in the humidifier. You know the thing. Don’t use that humidifier with oils, by the way.

With this bundle you have the humidifier designed to take oils, and Easy Air blend is the replacement for that stuff mom used to put on your chest. Add some On Guard to the mix for immune system support. You’ll sleep like a rock and feel great in the morning.

This bundle is also available in the US, where Easy Air is called Breathe. It’s exactly the same blend.

In the US market there is also a beautiful limited-time diffuser kit featuring the Laluz frosted glass diffuser, with Peppermint and Wild Orange essential oils. This blend is the best morning wake-up combo, and a great one to diffuse during the workday. The Laluz diffuser is simply gorgeous.

Both kits are priced at a discount while supplies last.

Learn more!

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