(Before getting going on our May promos, first an apology. All my posts have been about deals these days. That’s because there are so many deals! I promise to get back to the other content asap. Ok, onward…)

They really do take good care of us in dōTERRA. This month they have curated some great collections of items that we need in our homes, and to keep us protected when we do venture out. There’s a special treat for loyal customers, more free product points than you’ll know how to spend, and a great new diffuser. Oh, and don’t forget Mom.

For all the official details on the May promos, look here: dōTERRA Canada May promotions

May Promos – Special Collection #1: Prepare

Prepare kit

If you’d rather watch a video about this kit, here is one I did the other day: Prepare Kit Video

There are two of these special kits this month, and they’re both stellar. One of the things that is fabulous about these collections is they’re available to both current customers, and to new customers as a starter kit. More on that later.

This kit has everything you need to keep yourself and your home clean and, well, prepared.

Petal Diffuser: I have had my petal diffuser since I started with dōTERRA 2.5 years ago and it still runs perfectly. This updated model is even nicer, and will run for 2 or 6 hours continuously, or 12 hours on an intermittent setting. It’s quiet, sturdy, easy to clean, and neutral in decor. It’s a really good studio diffuser, and in fact that’s exactly where mine is.

Non-toxic cleansing

Tea Tree: We all know this oil as a great cleanser. Use it on surfaces and in the diffuser for a clean you can trust. It’s also great for oily skin, and if the kids are ever allowed to go to school again, it keeps the cooties away.

Bergamot: Like all citrus oils, Bergamot can boost the mood and calm at the same time. I love it in the diffuser at bedtime, but it diffuses well any time, and with any oil. It smells citrusy without it being identifiably specific to a certain citrus category. It’s great for cleansing too. Turn plain black tea into Earl Grey tea with a drop of this.

Purify: This is a superb odour neutralizer. We use it in our laundry, a few drops added to vinegar in the rinse cycle. It not only balances laundry smell but it neutralizes the “salad” smell that comes along with using vinegar in the laundry (my dad hates that about vinegar in the rinse). Diffuse to freshen the air, spray on surfaces for cleansing, air out stinky teenager bedrooms, stinky shoes… you get the idea.

Prepare Kit non-toxic cleaning

Immune system support

On Guard: This is one of dōTERRA’s signature, stable blends, It is all things immune system support, and it smells amazing too. It can effectively replace your surface wipes or disinfecting sprays, and you can eat it too. I have a drop in my coffee every day. It’s yummy – with Cinnamon and Clove and other things it smells and tastes delicious. I certainly wouldn’t use a commercial purifying spray in my coffee, but here we are, and I also wash my produce with it.

On Guard Mist: This one is so good it sold out fast a couple of months ago. It’s back, and appropriately included here. We have a bottle in the vehicle and others scattered around here and there. It has 64% ethyl alcohol in its formulation, combined with our stellar On Guard blend and is everything you need for hands and surfaces.

Prepare Kit support immunity

Price: $160 CDN Wholesale

Current wholesale customers: log in to your account, go to your shop page, and look under “Limited Time Offers.”

New wholesale customers: Start your dōTERRA wholesale account with this kit and don’t pay the extra wholesale membership fee. That’s a savings of an extra $42! Get yours here: New Member Prepare Kit

May Promos – Special Collection #2: Respond

Here’s another great collection that is 10% off this month as part of the May promos.

As above, if you’d rather watch a video, here’s one I did on this kit: Respond collection video

Respond Kit

Immune system support

Frankincense, Lemon and Copaiba are all stellar oils that have so many uses. These are three of the most versatile oils in our entire collection.

Frankincense, the King of Oils, is one that we always reach for when we don’t know what else to use. It supports all body systems and is particular stellar at supporting cellular health.

Copaiba, like Frankincense, is distilled from a tree resin. They both smell somewhat earthy and are very calming when inhaled. Also like Frankincense, Copaiba supports many different body systems, notably immune system and nervous system. Both oils are also stellar for skin issues.

Lemon is a third great all-purpose oil. Put a drop in your water to make it taste delicious but also to help keep your organs flushing properly. It is a great de-gunkifier, both internally and externally. Instantly improve your mood by diffusing or inhaling right from the bottle.

May Promos for Respiratory support

Hacking? Try any of these oils in the diffuser to help. Apply to chest to relieve congestion.

Have you ever sniffed Peppermint right out of the bottle? It is a powerful oil that instantly opens everything up, and can give you an energy boost at the same time. It also doubles as a great digestive aid.

Easy Air (also known as “Breathe” in the US market) is designed specifically easy breathing. Diffuse or apply topically, and weirdly, apply to bottoms of the feet to help support any respiratory situation. Snoring? People have reported a little Easy Air on the big toe is a big help.

May Promos for Mood support

Pretty much every oil will do something to improve your mood, but some are better at it than others.

Lavender: This oil is the one that speaks to me the fastest. It immediately calms me with just one sniff. If you find yourself saying, “I don’t like the smell of lavender,” please give this one a try. Lavender is one of the most popular oils, so it is the one that tends to be the most altered. Ours is 100% pure, sourced from the most potent Lavender plants on the planet. Ask me for a sample if you want to try it first. It’s great for skin too, by the way.

Copaiba: We could have thrown Frankincense into this category too, but Copaiba is also stellar for mood support. It’s very calming and centering.

Adaptiv: This stellar blend was released last fall and is proving to be a foundational oil for so many people who need a little extra support in the emotional wellness department. It is calming and centering, and very powerful. It also smells amazing.

Respond kit stress

Price is $200 CDN wholesale.

Current customers: log into your account, go to the shop page, and find it under “Limited Time Offers.”

New customers: Grab yours here and have the wholesale membership fee waived (extra savings of $42): New customers Respond Collection

New: Pilot Portable Diffuser

Finally, a fully portable diffuser! This is an awesome idea.

This will definitely be a fixture in our backyard during bug season. Pop some great oils in there that bugs hate (there are many) and enjoy a great atmosphere while you non-toxically protect yourself from the nasties.

Travel with it (when we can travel again). Travel from room to room in your house with it for now. Put it in the car for those trips to the grocery store, and eventually on longer road trips.

It sold out in the US almost right away. It’s still available in the Canadian warehouse so if you want one, grab it quick!

$48.00 CDN wholesale

May Promos – Free Product of the Month: Citrus Twist

I’m always going on about how well dōTERRA looks after its loyal customers.

If you are on the Loyalty Rewards Program, and if you place an LRP order of 125pv by the 15th, there’s always a free something.

For this month’s freebie, dōTERRA brought in a perfumist from France to create something entirely new just for us! Enter: Citrus Twist!

It has Wild Orange, Litsea, Lemongrass and Ginger. Apparently it smells different from the bottle and in the diffuser. It is limited edition, only available until the 15th. Don’t miss out!!!!!

Here is all the official info.

Boost Your Rewards: get free stuff!

dōTERRA loves giving away free stuff, and they rewards their returning customers very well.

If you are a Loyalty Rewards Program customer you can fast track your way to the level of rewards normally reserved for customers who have been around for over a year!

Also, this is available on your very first order with dōTERRA if you get started this month!

It’s such a great deal. You are not locked into anything if you decide LRP isn’t for you. Do your order on LRP this month, get your points after the 15th of next month then spend them and cancel if it’s not for you. Or stay on it and get so much free stuff!

I was going to attempt to explain it here, but I think the dōTERRA official wording is best. Find it here (please look it’s really one of the stellar May promos!). Boost Your Rewards

I also tried to explain it in a video, and I didn’t really do a good job of it, except I think I did do a good job of explaining why this May promo is so awesome. Check it our here: Boost Your Rewards video explanation

Don’t Forget Mom

I realize this post is going up the day before Mother’s Day. I’m pretty sure Mom would forgive you for a late gift if you presented her with the limited-edition Precious Florals Collection.

Many of us got it last month when it was released, and it is gorgeous. It contains four floral oils from the regular collection, plus the super rare, limited-edition Blue Lotus!

Don’t miss out on this one. It’s a beautiful gift and the Blue Lotus alone is worth it.

$87.00 CDN wholesale

Questions? Ask me!

Or ask your oily support person. Don’t have an oily support person? I’d love to be that for you. Shoot me a message. I’m pretty nice.