I’m so excited about today’s BOGO I can’t even.

I was so excited when I recorded the video about Island Mint that I forgot all about the fact that’s it’s great for focus. Here’s the video: Island Mint & Purify

Island Mint

This gorgeous blend was released as a limited-time offer two Father’s Days ago. Those of us who have been around dōTERRA world for a while know:

  • when they say “limited time”, they mean it
  • when they come out with a new blend, grab it fast

It sold out, of course. I just finished my last bottle about a month ago and I almost cried, I love this one so much.

Island Mint is the perfect mix of Peppermint, Lemon, Lime, and a touch of Spruce. I had forgotten about the Spruce and wondered why my own combos of the first three oils just weren’t getting the same magical aroma. I tried adding a drop of Black Spruce and it just wasn’t the same.

As I mentioned above, this blend is a great option for a pre-mixed focus combo. If you need to stay away from Rosemary (my favourite focus oil) this is a great option for you. Peppermint for clean energy, Lemon for focus, Lime because it smells awesome, and Spruce to keep your feet on the ground.

When quarantine started I found myself drawn this oil. We diffused it daily until it dried up and I really miss it. You want to be I’ll be stocking up.

By the way, if you ordered the BOGO box last week and you still want to get extra Island Mint, you totally can. Place your order today for a maximum of 3 per account.

Here some info from dōTERRA on Island Mint.

And here is an article about Island Mint and Focus.


Right! There’s a freebie! I almost don’t even care that there’s a freebie, except that Purify was already on my list for next month’s order.

Purify is the great de-stinkifier. You can make a spray with Purify and some water and spray anything that stinks, like athletic gear, shoes, your son’s bedroom, whatever.

We use it in the kitchen diffuser when cooking something overly pungent to help clear the aroma. I’ve been doing a painting project in my home office and I diffuse Purify to help counteract the paint fumes.

Where we use it daily though is in the laundry. We use the dōTERRA On Guard laundry detergent, and instead of fabric softener in the rinse cycle we fill the reservoir with vinegar, plus 3 drops of Purify.

My dad, ever the comedian, claims he doesn’t like using vinegar in the rinse because it makes his laundry “smell like a salad.” Purify neutralizes that vinegar smell so you won’t have lunch on your mind all day. Your close come out smelling like clothes, not like synthetic fragrance.

My mom (the one with the lung issues) used to make me go down the laundry aisle for her at the grocery store because laundry products were such a major asthma trigger for her. We no longer have any of that stuff in the house.

Purify is also great for repelling insects (there’s Citronella in it), and you can add it to itchy bug bites too. Check out the graphic for a few other great uses for this great blend.

Here’s the dōTERRA info: Purify Cleansing Blend

Today only!

This deal is only valid today, and this is a big deal because you can’t buy Island Mint any other way. Don’t miss this one! I expect it to sell out (like it did last time). What a great BOGO!

If you need the FAQs, here they are: BOGO FAQs

Get Started Today

If today is the day for you to get started, here are some links to get the ball rolling. Carts are completely customizable. If you have any questions, send me a message! If someone else has been looking after you, please check with them to get you started.


Wholesale account plus Island Mint + Purify BOGO

A great starter kit plus Island Mint + Purify BOGO


Wholesale account plus Island Mint + Purify BOGO

A great starter kit plus Island Mint + Purify BOGO

*only valid July 27, 2020