In my department at the university we always wish each other “Happy New Year” during the first week back to class.

The first day of school really an important, momentous occasion. This year, as we know, will be extra special.

For the September 2020 promos, dōTERRA gives us some beautiful tools to help manage this transition with grace and ease. We also have the wonderful opportunity to join together at the global convention in its virtual format. Read on to find out more!

September 2020 Promos: 10% off Serenity

Serenity is a staple in our home. Called “Restful Blend”, it is designed to help ease the body and mind into a relaxed state whenever you might need it. Many people use it for sleep, but it can also be used any time you just need to chill.

My favourite way to use Serenity is if I’m having trouble turning off all the racing thoughts. Usually the day before a big event is when I have this problem (like before the first day of school). When this is happening I find topical application works best. Add a couple of drops to your hand, apply to bottoms of feet and rub the rest on the back of your neck. That’s how I do it and it works for me.

September 2020 Promos: Serenity diffuser blends

If you’re fighting with the kiddos to get them back into a regular sleep routine after a 6-months-long March Break, start associating the aroma of Serenity with the start of the bedtime routine. Run it in the diffuser an hour before bedtime or whenever the bedtime routine starts. The identifiable aroma combined with its calming properties should start to anchor the bedtime habit more smoothly.

As part of the September 2020 promos, you can get Serenity for 10% off. If you need help ordering this for yourself please contact me and I’ll send you a cart already set up for you.

Free Product of the Month: White Grapefruit

Every month there is a free goodie for those of us on the monthly Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). For the September 2020 promos, the free product of the month is the glorious White Grapefruit, a limited-edition oil that has only been available once before.

Friends, you’ll want this one. If you’re a citrus lover White Grapefruit needs to be in your collection. Like all citrus oils White Grapefruit lifts the mood, which you’re probably going to need at some point this month.

If you’re teaching music out of your home it’s a perfect one to diffuse during lessons. Combine with On Guard Protective Blend for a delicious immune-support mood-lifting combo.

Kids learning from home (like mine are)? We use White Grapefruit with Adaptiv in the diffuser for maximum concentration and to quell the grumpies.

September 2020 Promos: White Grapefruit blends

My daughter’s favourite oil is Grapefruit (the regular one), so White Grapefruit is such a nice option for her. It’s smoother and less tangy so it blends so well with other oils. Her nighttime diffuser blend is Holiday Peace with White Grapefruit, any time of the year.

Pursue Global Convention

You have seen me write about Convention over the past few weeks, for good reason.

I’m a snob about quality education. My time is very limited, so if I’m carving out time in my schedule to pay for education I want to make sure I’m getting my time and money’s worth.

I can assure you that the time and $30USD to access the dōTERRA Convention will be completely worth it. The lineup is full of highly-credentialled researchers and medical practitioners who know what they are talking about. They will show you how certain oils work, backed by the most recent research.

You will learn about the science behind the oils and you will learn about the heart behind the company. One of the most important things to me about this company is its strong sense of integrity. They support their workers and business relationships through all points, and they care deeply about the land from which they receive the oils we use.

They also want to be known as the company to get the most people out of debt. For a long time I thought this referred to the business side of things, for those of us who are running our own dōTERRA businesses. I now know this also extends to the people doing the work on the ground at the growing/harvesting/distilling level.

At Convention you’ll learn about all of these things. Ethical sourcing, deeply important humanitarian work, environmental stewardship, responsible research, and foundation of integrity are all aspects of dōTERRA that will give you the big picture of what goes on behind the bottle.


All sessions will be recorded and available to watch until Octobober 31st.

Here is the agenda (in Eastern Time):

  • Wednesday Sept 9, 8pm: Product Reveal
  • Thursday Sept 10, 12pm: Product Purity
  • Thursday Sept 10, 4pm: Immunity
  • Friday Sept 11, 12pm: Company Business Practices
  • Friday Sept 11, 4pm: Relief (as in, relief of discomfort)
  • Saturday Sept 12, 12pm: Humanitarian Projects
  • Saturday Sept 12, 4pm: Mind and Mood
  • Saturday Sept 12, 7pm: For those interested in building the business

If you want more details on each of these sessions, click here and scroll down the page. dōTERRA runs on MST (Mountain Time).

Convention Registration

Registration gets you access to the recordings of all the presentations until the end of October. We can’t always carve out time in our schedules to watch live – I have to miss the Thursday afternoon one but I’ve shoe-horned the other presentations into my schedule.

Also, sometimes you want to go back and catch things you may have missed. The recordings are a really great resource.

Registration also gets you access to the Swag Box. When Convention is live all attendees get a great backpack with some fun things in it, so this year they have made this available as an optional purchase for $35 USD. Friends, the backpack alone is worth the cost. Highly recommend.

Register here!

New Product Reveal – Convention Kit

Stay tuned for the release of the Convention Kit, which will go live at the end of the Product Reveal session on Wednesday evening. Here are a few FAQs:

  • Price for the basic kit: $165 USD, limit of 2 per account
  • 6 optional add-ons available, choose what you want. All 6 plus the kit = $433 USD
  • Standard orders only (not available as an LRP order)
  • You do not need to have purchased a Convention ticket to buy the new product collection
  • They anticipate a quick sell-out, so be ready
  • If there is a high demand on orders there may be a checkout queue (so we don’t break the internet)
  • Convention Kits will be available at the end of the New Product Reveal on Wednesday evening

Silhouette of new products

Coming up

Next week’s blog will be all about the new products, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, Happy New Year!

As always if you have any questions please contact me!