Hello, friends! Happy March! Our March 2020 promos feature on or our daily-use oils, a newer supplement that you’ll be really happy to have in your cupboard, and another limited-edition freebie that is only available to our loyal monthly customers.

March 2020 Promos – Canadian market: Copaiba 15% off

I love it when dōTERRA gives us a little extra discount on the deal of the month. As part of the March 2020 promos, 15% off Copaiba is a great deal, and it’s available to anyone, whether existing customers of any kind or people just jumping on board. Let’s get familiar with this amazing oil.

In the graphic for this post, you’ll see some suggestions that are very carefully worded. Have you ever read a description for an oil and wondered what the heck it meant? Well, until there is hard data from scientific research that can prove an oil’s effects, we have to keep the descriptions very general.

If you stumble upon an oil, like Copaiba, where you read a description and you have no idea what it means, guess what? You’ve found yourself one of the powerhouse oils. You’ll just have to read between the lines.

The description in the graphic alludes to “discomfort and soreness”. That’s a nice way to say, “If something hurts, put this on it and it will make it feel better.” It works especially well on head tension (see what I did there?) and small muscle/tendon/ligament discomfort (musicians…) when applied topically. Combine it with Deep Blue Rub and you will throw away your over-the-counter pain killers because this works better.

Next, you’ll see that it can “help calm nerves and reduce anxious feelings.” How many of you have heard of using CBD for this? Guess what? Copaiba works on the same body systems as CBD and is just as effective for this problem in particular. It’s more affordable because you need less of this 100% pure essential oil to do the job than its CBD cousins. And you can take it across the border with no fear of getting arrested because it’s not at all botanically related to marijuana.

Finally, you’ll see that for skin it can “rejuvenate and reduce skin imperfections”. Put a drop in your moisturizer and you have an amazing anti-ageing boost. Plus it will calm you down and if you have “head tension” it can help with that too, all at the same time.

How We Use Copaiba

Let’s get real. Here’s how we use it daily in our home:

  • 1 drop Copaiba + 1 drop Frankincense, twice daily, in our dogs’ food

Our husky mix is 13 years old and this is the only supplement she’s on. Yes it’s safe to ingest, yes it’s safe for dogs. She’s been on this for 2.5 years. It has also reduced her panic attacks. Please note the dose!! 1-2 drops, that’s it! 

  • 2 drops Copaiba + 2 drops Frankincense, twice daily, for mom

“One for Doodle, 2 for mom” is usually what I say. I have a dropper top on my bottle and I squeeze two drops directly under my tongue. Tastes a little weird at first but you get over it when you realize what it can do.

Copaiba supports the following body systems:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Immune
  • Digestive
  • Nervous

So, you know, pretty much everything.

Copaiba for Musicians

Musicians – one of the advantages of Copaiba, especially if you’re using it for management of “anxious feelings”, is the aroma is not very noticeable. If you find yourself in a group where there is a scent-free policy, Copaiba can safely be used without anyone kicking up a fuss. Use it to keep calm on stage, and since it’s not from marijuana there’s no fear of any sort of “high” to distract you. 

Here are a couple of links for you to learn more. I would highly recommend the first link, which also contains a link to a sourcing video that is completely worth watching. The second article goes a bit further into detail on how this oil is a superpower. 

Read: Using Copaiba Oil

Read: Better with Copaiba

Wholesale: ($45.00) sale price:  $38.25  31.45pv 

You basically save the cost of express shipping when you get Copaiba at 15% off this month!

March 2020 Promos – US market: Peppermint Softgels 15% off

Canadians have the advantage of being able to purchase from both the Canadian and US markets, which is great when there’s a different promo in each market, such as we have this month.

Peppermint Softgels may not sound very exciting, but I’ll tell you something, these have saved me numerous times. They were released last fall, and since then they have become a regular go-to in our oily medicine cabinet.

Peppermint Softgels are for digestive distress. They are coated in a special way to get down past the stomach so the Peppermint oil can do its work where it needs to be. So, if you have lower abdominal gurgles, pop a couple of these. If things are moving along a little too quickly, or erupting (sorry, I know…) these are your best friend. I read of someone who swears their poop smells like Peppermint when they take these. I may have to agree. There are definitely worse things than poop smelling like Peppermint. 

I need to stress just how well these babies work. They work fast. Let’s say you have a performance, and you ate too much sushi at break and the ominous gurgles are starting. There is no time for that nonsense, the show must go on. Take a couple of these and in a few minutes, you’ll forget you had the problem in the first place.

Furthermore, the only side effect I have noticed is nicer-smelling poop. You know how sometimes a digestive solution makes things worse in the opposite direction? Not so here.

For added support you can apply ZenGest or the kids Tamer roller topically to your abdoment. If you’re also experiencing more upper digestive distress you can take a Peppermint beadlet or a drop of Peppermint oil under the tongue. Those don’t get down the system as far as the softgels do.

More Fun Uses for Peppermint Softgels

Flu season is among us (well, when is it not?) I highly recommend having a bottle of this around and you won’t be running to the drug store to grab something you know will give you side effects you don’t want later on. 

Also – I just came across this great study on how Peppermint Softgels, taken 4 hours before a colonoscopy, can make everything go more smoothly for everyone. This is worth a read. It’s science-y but it’s short and the conclusion is definitive:

 Read: Peppermint Oil Colonoscopy Study

Wholesale ($19.00) sale price:  $16.15  USD

March 2020 Promos – Free for Loyalty Rewards Program customers: Palmarosa

I love how dōTERRA is giving us oils that we can’t get any other way as an extra reward for the already generous LRP program.

Palmarosa essential oil comes from a grass. On first whiff it smells a bit like a citrusy version of Geranium. Like Geranium it is stellar for skin, and can uplift and calm the mood.

As I don’t have any personal experiences with this oil yet, I’ll defer to the experts. Here are a couple of links that go into more detail:

Read: Palmarosa Oil Uses and Benefits

Read: Palmarosa Essential Oil sourcing info

See the graphics below for more ways to use this beautiful, limited-edition oil.

If you’re on LRP and you want to grab this beauty, place an LRP order of 125pv before the 15th and it’s yours for free!

Why join LRP?

  • Earn product points – they accumulate quickly!
  • Receive all your shipping costs back in product points ($1 = 1pv)
  • Access to exclusive deals
  • Automatically ship your regular items – toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, laundry detergent, vitamins…
  • Never go to the drug store again (except for toilet paper and groceries – that’s what I get there now!)

The rewards are so generous. Have your eye on something a little pricey? Save up your points and get it for free!

Regular weekly classes!

If you’re in the Niagara Region and want to pop by sometime for a class, I now hold classes regularly on Thursdays at 7pm. Required: first you need to have a great oil experience, so let me know you’re interested and I’ll shoot you a sample of something you may like to try.

Not in the Niagara Region and still want to learn? No problem! I can send your sample to you in the mail, and we can video-conference you in. Ask me about special online-only classes too.

Reminder: stay healthy

We’re all worried about staying healthy at this time of year. Grab this great freebie to learn how to use your oils to help you do just that: