June’s deals are exactly what we need to help ourselves focus and stay productive.

In fact, two of the free goodies this month are daily-use oils in our house for exactly this purpose. This month we have great staple oils, the kind you want to have within easy reach.

Melissa: 10% off this month

Melissa is a powerhouse oil.

She is great for immune system support, overall health, glowing skin, emotional wellness, and to promote a feeling of calm. Have we missed anything?

Melissa is a rare beauty. This oil is what we call a low-yield oil, which means it takes a lot of plant material to distill the oil. This is the reason we consider this to be an “investment oil,” if you catch my drift. It’s also why this 10%-off deal is so valuable.

You may also know Melissa by her other name, Lemon Balm.

To learn more about this amazing oil check out the dōTERRA Discover Solutions series: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/melissa-oil

Freebie #1: Wild Orange

Let’s start the freebie party with one of our favourites: Wild Orange.

So often when introducing people to essential oils we use Wild Orange. Everyone loves this oil. It’s cheerful and delicious. But actually, it can make you feel more cheerful. And it does taste delicious.

Citrus oils are mood lifters, in general. I defy you to sniff Wild Orange and stay in a grumpy mood. It just doesn’t last. The citrus oils get right up into that limbic system and give you that happy response. It’s not just an association, it’s an actual thing.

One of the advantages of Wild Orange is the smell is quite strong, which means a little goes a long way. You only need 3-4 drops in the diffuser to fill the room with a pleasant – and cheerful – aroma.

Add one drop to your water (glass or metal container only, please) and you’ll find yourself drinking more of it during the day. Again, you only need one drop, maybe two, and not more than that.

Try it in your baking! It’s delicious in brownies, and I use a couple of drops in my daily smoothie. Sooooo good.

It’s also one of those interesting oils that can uplift and calm at the same time. My latest favourite sleep diffuser blend is: 3 drops of Midnight Forest (limited time), 2 drops of Lavender, 1 drop of Wild Orange.

Wild Orange is free in June for Loyalty Rewards customers. Place a 125pv order by the 15th and Wild Orange will magically appear for free at the checkout.

Freebie #2: Easy Air/Breathe Touch Roller

This one is available to anyone placing any kind of order in the month of June. If your order is over 100pv (ask your oily support person what that means, but it’s roughly $100 USD) then you get Easy Air/Breathe Touch Roller for free.

Why am I calling it Easy Air/Breathe?

Because in the US and some markets it’s called Breathe, and the exact same blend is called Easy Air in Canada and some other markets. Otherwise it’s exactly the same thing.

Why call it “Touch Roller”?

Roller bottles might say “Touch”, or they might not. The difference is that Touch rollers are diluted for managed topical application. Most of dōTERRA’s roller bottle oils are in the diluted Touch format, but some of them are not.

Easy Air (Breathe) Touch is diluted to minimize skin sensitivity and to ensure full absorption into the skin. The Peppermint in this blend makes it a tingly oil, so you’ll be glad for the extra coconut oil in there to smooth out the intensity.

Use this on your chest when feeling congested to promote clear breathing. When my nose is stuffed up I like to roll some on a cloth handkerchief and take a big sniff. It smells delicious (minty and citrusy) and opens those airways right up.

Just keep away from eyes.

Six different diffuser blends featuring peppermint essential oil

Freebie #3: Peppermint

Ooh, I’m excited about this one. This oil, right here, is one of the main anchors of my morning habit success.

Peppermint is in my DIY hand soap in the bathroom, so it’s the first thing I smell in the morning when I wash my hands. I have come to associate it with clear breathing upon waking up.

Then into the kitchen to fill the diffusers. The kitchen diffuser in the morning gets Peppermint and Wild Orange most days, or I’ll change up the citrus.

My home-office diffuser also uses Peppermint. That blend is always 2 drops of Peppermint, 2 drops of Lime and 2 drops of Rosemary. I always get a ton of work done until the diffuser runs out.

It’s a strong aroma, like Wild Orange. The two pair really well together, especially for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. But it’s a powerful tool when you want to anchor a behaviour with an aromatic trigger. I wrote about that in a previous blog post: Five ways to add structure to your day using aromatic links

If you’re feeling overheated you can rub a couple of drops on the back of your neck for a quick refresh.

Have you tried the Black Bean Peppermint Brownies? Ooh friends, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried these. They work with Wild Orange too.

Try a drop in your water, especially fizzy water. Tastes so refreshing and energizing, and it helps with digestive discomforts. It also helps take the edge of if you feel some head tension coming on.

When you place any order of 200pv, you get the free Easy Air/Breathe roller, plus Peppermint, plus…

Freebie #4: Easy Air/Breathe Oil Blend

This is the same blend that’s in the roller, but this one is undiluted for use in the diffuser.

You’ve caught on to the fact that many of the items this month are supportive of seasonal threats, right? It’s all about clearing the airways and breathing deeply.

Easy Air/Breathe is like that stuff our moms used in the humidifier when were weren’t feeling well. It has Peppermint and Lemon and Lime and Cardamom, and a bunch of other lovely aromas that just make you want to take a big, deep breath.

It’s a great oil to use at night to help with clear breathing. Apparently it helps with snoring, though I don’t have any first-hand experience with that. Some say to apply it to the big toe for this. Someone please try it and report back. I do have a friend who does this to her husband (despite his protests and skepticism) and she swears it works.

Diffuse at night with some Lavender or Serenity blend. I really like 2 drops Easy Air, 2 drops Lavender, 1 drop Wild Orange.

When you place that 200pv order you get: Easy Air/Breathe Touch, Peppermint Oil, Easy Air/Breathe Oil. But wait! There’s more!

Freebie #5a for Canadians: Peppermint Touch

Canadians and US customers get a slightly different freebie this month. In Canada, your final freebie is the Touch Roller version of Peppermint.

Peppermint Touch is a great tool to have with you all the time. If you feel head tension creeping in just roll this along your hairline to stop it from going any further.

If you’re feeling overheated, roll it along the back of your neck. Roll onto wrists and take a big sniff for an instant whoosh of energy.

Stuck in a long meeting and feeling droopy? Apply to temples and back of neck for a boost of focus (keep away from eyes). Itchy but bite? Roll this over top and it’s like putting an ice pack on it.

Freebie #5b for Americans: Breathe Drops

Also called “Respiratory Drops”, these yummy lozenges are portable and delicious. Not only can they help you breathe a little more easily but they freshen your breath at the same time.

They are a blend of Peppermint, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Cardamom. Yum!

When we’re allowed to perform on stage again these drops are great for warding off a cough when you feel a little tickle coming on.

If you’re curious about the ingredients and fine details download the Product Information Page here.

Freebie Recap

There are so many freebies this month! Here’s a recap of how this works:

  • Any order of 100pv, get free Easy Air/Breathe Touch
  • A Loyalty Rewards Program order of 125pv (current wholesale customers), get Easy Air Touch plus Wild Orange
  • Any order of 100pv, get Peppermint oil, Easy Air/Breathe oil, Peppermint Touch (CA) or Breathe Drops (US), plus Easy Air/Breathe Touch. And LRP customers get the Wild Orange too.

Bonkers, right??

Let Me Help!

You probably have questions. If you’d like to take advantage of these goodies but are overwhelmed by all the info, that’s what I’m here for! Seriously, shoot me an email and I’m more than happy to help you. If you already have an oily support person please ask them for help, that’s what we’re here for.