Well, so much for catching up on my sleep today!

It’s dōTERRA’s 12th birthday today, and they’re surprising us with two BOGOs! Canadian and US markets each have a different BOGO, and as Canadian customers we have access to both!

I’ll try to make this as short and sweet as possible (!).

Don’t feel like reading? Here is the replay of today’s facebook live video.

Canadian Market: Buy Lumo diffuser, get 5ml Clementine, Kumquat, Red Mandarin, and Yellow Mandarin free

Wholesale: CDN $89.75 | 42.50 pv

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Lumo diffuser

Allow me to list all the reasons I love my Lumo:

  • looks great – suits any decor
  • runs quietly (perfect for studio use)
  • easy to clean
  • solid construction
  • runs 2 or 5 hours at the consistent setting, and it’s a true 5 hours
  • option to run 10 hours at intermittent setting – great if it’s close to pets
  • many different light options
  • perfect size – packs easily (if we ever get to travel again) but holds its own in a big room
  • great “plume” – meaning, it spews lots of mist

I have mine right beside some house plants and those plants just love it.

When I first started with oils I thought I would never diffuse. Well, haha, we have six diffusers and we use them all every single day. There’s one in each bedroom (3), living room, kitchen, and my home office/studio. If you’re still at the stage where you’re taking the one diffuser from room to room, or having to decide which kid gets the diffuser that night, today is the perfect day to add to your collection.

Here’s some more info and a close up photo of the Lumo diffuser.

Clementine, Kumquat, Yellow Mandarin, Red Mandarin

What a great collection of oils to pop in that beautiful new diffuser.

By now you’ve heard me say enough time that all citrus oils have the ability to boost the mood, so today’s BOGO is a perfect way to help manage the quarantine crazies.

Clementine: I’ve been diffusing this one a lot this month. It is like Wild Orange but smoother, more in the creamsicle category. It diffuses perfectly and plays well with all the other oils. I love it with Adaptiv. It tastes amazing in water too. Read more here: Clementine oil uses and benefits

Kumquat: To me this is the sweetest and most subtle of these four oils. You can diffuse it on its own or blend it, and it also tastes amazing in water. Read more here: Kumquat Chemistry


Yellow Mandarin: The Mandarin oils are a little tangier, with Yellow being the smoother of the two in this group. It’s delicious. Read more here: Yellow Mandarin

Red Mandarin: This oil has presence. You only need a little bit in the diffuser, and it stands up well to the stronger oils like Peppermint or Cassia in the diffuser. Read more here: Red Mandarin

US Market: Buy Lifelong Vitality Pack (sachets), get Yellow Mandarin, Tea Tree, Laurel Leaf free

Holy moly. This combo is designed to keep you healthy in all areas.

For Canadians choosing the US warehouse: US $91.75 | 60pv

Be sure to choose the “sachets” which are pre-packaged in daily doses, and great for folks who have trouble remembering to take their LLV straight from the bottles.

If you want to start your wholesale account with this combo today, scroll to the bottom for more details.

Lifelong Vitality Pack

Oh my friends, if ever there was one product that has foundationally changed my life it’s this combo of supplements we lovingly call LLV.

Yesterday I said Lavender would be my “stranded on a desert island” oil. That may be true, but if I had to choose between Lavender oil and LLV I would have a very hard time deciding. I think I would actually choose LLV.

The Lifelong Vitality Pack is comprised of three supplements:

Microplex VMz: This is your multi-vitamin. I always think “VitaMinz” and that’s how I remember.

xEOmega: An Omega complex that doesn’t have to be refrigerated.

AlphaCRS+: An antioxidant powerhouse

What I have noticed the most with LLV are:

  • increased energy (remarkably so)
  • increased focus (I sure notice when I don’t take it)
  • decreased discomfort (I’m no spring chicken and things hurt)
  • more stable mood (my family is very happy about this)

True story: I was adjudicating a festival last year. One day all that afternoon everything bugged me. The kids were great and I didn’t let my mood affect the adjudication, but the parents were driving me crazy. There was a lot of talking during performances, people trying to take video of my adjudication delivery (not allowed), and one group of parents got a whole speech about the importance of their child having a decent instrument to practice on. I was very, very grumpy, and I kept getting distracted.

When I got back to my room I realized I hadn’t taken my afternoon dose of LLV. I got chatting with some of my friends who are avid LLV users and mentioned it. Every one of them said something like, “Yeah, that’s a thing.” Or, “Poor people, I’m such a bear when I miss a dose.” You get the idea, it’s not just me. I made sure the LLV got consumed after that.

Sometimes when I’m travelling I’ll forget to take it for a few days and wonder why I feel like I’m wearing ankle weights. One day of LLV and all is right again.

I’ve even started to use them to help with performance focus and energy. Take a dose one hour before a performance and it makes a noticeable difference.

I could go on and on, but you might want to hear from the experts.  Here’s a really good post that covers everything and goes a little deeper: Living a Life of Health and Vitality

If you want more info just pop “doterra Lifelong Vitality” into your search bar and a ton of articles will come up. There’s an e-book too. If you want some help just contact me and I’ll happily point you in the right direction.

Yellow Mandarin

See the content above.

Tea Tree

This oil is in the Top Ten for a reason. It is one of the oils everyone should have in their home first aid kit. It is one of the best oils for all-round cleaning. Blemish? Dab a dot on that bad boy to zap it. When the kids get back to school you can add a drop to their shampoo to help ward off the hair cooties. Diffuse to purify the air. It helps deodorize stinky things. It helps clean dirty things. It helps things heal quickly.

Here is a great post with a whole bunch of links for what to do with this amazingly versatile oil: Tea Tree Oil Uses and Benefits

Laurel Leaf

This is a limited edition oil that came out a few months ago for a short time. It is gorgeous in the diffuser. It’s related to Eucalyptus and has similar benefits for respiratory support.

Here’s a little more info: Discover Solutions: Laurel Leaf

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If you don’t already have a wholesale account, today is a great day to get started!

All wholesale accounts get you 25% off everything for a whole year plus ongoing education and support by me and my team. We’ll help you learn how to put your purchases to use!

Here are some options for you:

Canadian BOGO + Wholesale account: $131.75 | 42.50pv. Lumo diffuser, 4 citrus oils, wholesale account.

Canadian BOGO + Simple Solutions collection: $224.50 | 116pv. Contact me in advance to get a code for a free Citrus Bliss on this order!

Includes the Lumo, 4 citrus oils, wholesale account, Deep Blue Rub, Lemon, On Guard, Serenity. Add the free Citrus Bliss with the promo code (contact me first). This is a stellar deal, and my favourite of all these options. Here’s a graphic so you can see what it looks like:

US BOGO + Wholesale account: US $126.75 | 66pv. Lifelong Vitality Pack, Yellow Mandarin, Tea Tree, Laurel Leaf, wholesale account.

US BOGO + Simple Solutions collection: US $203 | 130pv. Contact me in advance to get a code for a free Citrus Bliss on this order!

Includes LLV Sachets, Yellow Mandarin, Tea Tree, Laurel Leaf, wholesale account, Deep Blue Rub, Lemon, On Guard, Serenity. Add the free Citrus Bliss with a promo code (contact me first)!

I’m here to help

There is a LOT of information here. That’s why you have me. Please, please reach out to me if you have any questions at all.

Stay healthy, friends!