“Back-to-school” isn’t just for kids. It’s for adults too.

I’ve been going to school since 1976 either as a student, an employee, or a faculty member. There have been only a few exceptions since then when I’ve been off on maternity leave or sabbatical, or that one year I took off after my Master’s (but I still worked at the university that year so it probably doesn’t count).

In my world, “Back to School” always brings a flutter of excitement. I still recall strongly the smell of fresh pink erasers and pristine pencils, the elation of walking the store aisles shopping for new backpack and binders. Hands up if your greatest weakness is the office supply section of any store. You are my people.

This year “Back to School” comes with a whole new set of challenges. Some kids are heading into the classroom, with all of the trepidations that will come with it this year. Some kids will be staying home, which comes with a whole host of new challenges for everyone.

Adults are all part of this massive shift too, of course. I’m a mom, my kids will be home, we’ll all be home together, working, getting in each other’s way, jockeying for prime computer time and wifi bandwidth, and trying to get along as a family through it all.

I’m also trying to run a department. A music department. Online. Yes, it is exactly as fun as it sounds.

Not to mention trying to become not only a reasonably competent online instructor, but trying to figure out how to run my music performance classes online and how to help my department run things like online choir and band and orchestra. You know those beautiful “virtual choir” performances? Yeah, those singers aren’t singing simultaneously. It’s the audio engineers that make that magic happen.

Forgive me the self-indulgent digression.

However, it remains that:

  • Back to School affects everyone
  • this year’s Back to School is a little special

A little something to get us extra ready to go back to school

There are some really useful and very timely limited edition mid-month promos to help us get ready for this wild ride.

Stronger oil plus Kid’s Brevi Diffuser

You may know Stronger Protective Blend as one of the roller bottles in the fabulous kid’s kit. I think of it as the kid’s version of On Guard, which also holds the title of “protective blend”.

This version of Stronger is the undiluted oil for diffusing, and it comes with a beautiful new version of my favourite of all the dōTERRA diffusers, the Brevi.

Back to School Stronger

Stronger is one of the oils in the category of immune system support. There are some amazing oils in this blend: Frankincense, Rose, Cedarwood and Litsea. Not only do these oils help to keep us healthy but the blend also smells glorious. Many people use this as their daily “pure-fume”, it smells that good.

Pop Stronger oil in the Brevi when the kids have been in class all day to help keep everyone feeling their best.

Harvest Spice

This is a seasonal favourite. Known as “Gathering Blend” this is another oil in the category of keeping us feeling well. Its nickname is especially poignant in this age of social distancing.

If you love OnGuard but need to shake things up a bit, Harvest Spice has a similar spicy/fruity aroma. It is a blend of Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Cassia, and Nutmeg essential oils. It is a blend that instantly transports you into fall with its warm and inviting quality.

US only: Harvest Spice plus Pilot Diffuser

The Pilot was released a few months ago as a limited time item and sold out in a few hours. I didn’t get there fast enough the first time so I can’t speak to experience. What’s so special about this diffuser? It’s portable!

But we’re not travelling much these days, right? Possibly. Sometimes you just need something easy to grab and take to a different room. In my case I like to work in my “outside office” on a folding table on the porch. I have a cheapie travel diffuser that I got somewhere else but it’s not great. You wanna bet I jumped on the Pilot release this time.

UPDATE: This item SOLD OUT on the first day! Limited edition is no joke in dō world! But you can still get Harvest Spice on its own.

Back to School I Portable Diffuser & Harvest Spice

Grab the Pilot and get a Harvest Spice too! Total score.

It is available to Canadians through the US warehouse only. Remember that Canadian prices include a bit of a markup to cover any duty charges, and we don’t pay tax on US orders.

Canada only: Kid’s Collection plus free Serenity Touch

love the Kid’s Collection. These are seven oils that are all diluted for topical use, and optimized for kids aged 3-10.

If you’re an older kid (like me) you can definitely still use them, you just may want to apply a little more often. These rollers smells so good and work so well that you’ll want to douse yourself in them all the time anyway.

If there are kids in your home this is definitely the kit to have around. It is possible to buy each roller separately (Thinker is 15% off this month, for example), but when you get the collection all together you also get a great carrying case, carabiner toppers, and info cards designed for the young oil user.

Back to School I BOGO Kids

The seven oils in the collection are simpler, less intense versions of some of our most-used adult oils.

  • Thinker = Motivate or InTune: great for focus and concentration (all three of these are 15% off this month!)
  • Steady = Balance: woodsy and grounding (my favourite of the collection)
  • Rescuer = Deep Blue: for discomfort and calming
  • Calmer = Serenity: soothing to the emotions
  • Stronger = OnGuard: keep you feeling your best
  • Tamer (not pictured) = ZenGest/DigestZen: all the digestive issues
  • Brave = I’m not really sure what would be the adult equal, but it’s great for giving you some courage when you aren’t feeling so brave. Maybe Adaptiv would be a reasonable adult equivalent

The kit is available in the US market too, but for Canadians only this month you get a free Serenity touch (diluted) roller with the purchase of the Kid’s Collection. Serenity touch is limited time only as well. I got one in a different LTO a few months ago and I love love love it at bedtime.

Remember the 15% off items this month

Until the end of the month you can still score Thinker (from the kid’s kit), Motivate and InTune for 15% off. I have written about these blends a few times:

All three of these oils are stellar for practicing and performing, which means they’re also great for studying and writing tests.

Maximize their effectiveness for home study and test prep by using the same oil when studying for a test and when you do the actual test. The aromatic link between the prep and the performance will help anchor the material in the preparation phase and enhance the recall in the stressful performance situation (the test).

All the Deep Dive Learning: Virtual Convention

If you’re at all curious about how oils work, or how they’re produced and sourced, or the humanitarian side of dōTERRA (so huge), or the heart of the company (also so huge), or the new products the moment they’re released, you need to get your hands on a ticket to this year’s virtual convention.

If you’re anything like me (I suspect we might have a few things in common or you wouldn’t be reading my blog) you love yourself some good education. One of the things I love best about Convention is hearing from the experts. We’ll hear from scientists doing the foundational research and who know how the things work. This right here is enough to sign me up.

I have had the privilege of attending the Global Convention live in the past two years, and it was 100% worth the trip out to Salt Lake City. The fact that we can all attend in the same way this year, and at a great access price, is truly a unique opportunity. Please take advantage of this chance to learn and enhance your oil using experience.

You don’t have to be a current dōTERRA customer to attend the convention. Tickets are available to anyone.

Tickets are only $30 USD. You can watch live from Sep 9-11, and you can access the recordings until the end of October. Your ticket gets you access to other perks too like swag, the convention kit of brand new products, deeper-dive breakout learning sessions, and more!

Find all the info including the full agenda here: Pursue 2020

PS – I might be hosting some live viewing parties on Zoom (tbc). Let me know when you get your ticket and I’ll make sure to keep you in the loop! This way we can watch together!

Ongoing education

I host classes on Zoom every Thursday evening at 7:30. Sign up here so I know to expect you. Bring a friend!

Whether you have oils and need a refresher, or have questions about getting started, hop on this weekly class and we’ll address your questions for  you.

Refer a friend who signs up with their own wholesale account and I’ll happily split my commission with you (or give you oils of equivalent value).