When I first starting using oils I wanted to know everything.

How do essential oils work? How does the body know what to do with them? How are they different than medications? Can they be used together? What are the cautions?

What are the company’s sourcing practices? Do they care about their environmental impact? Their social impact?

Who are the people doing the sourcing? Where do the oils come from?

What does the company stand for? What is the heart of the company? Do they give back? If so, how? To whom?

Do I feel good about giving my money to these products, and my time to building a business with this company?

Virtual Convention I Healing Hands

We want to know all the things.

It’s no accident that people like me become professors. We love to learn and dig. We love to poke holes in arguments. We love the challenge of looking beyond what’s in front of us and learning everything about something.

Musicians tend to be like this too. As performers we can only speak clearly when we feel confident about the material we are presenting.

It wasn’t long in my quest for oily education before I realized there is a lot of information out there that is incomplete, or misguided, or even misleading. Maybe some readers think this blog falls into one or some of these categories and that’s ok. I hope to attract readers who ask these same questions and I would expect a healthy dose of skepticism.

I attended my first in-person dōTERRA Global Convention in 2018 in Salt Lake City. I knew it would be a fun an interesting experience, which it definitely was. I knew it would be huge, which it was (30,000 people!!). You would think that many people at an event would be a little crazy, but everyone smelled great and the synergy was amazing.

It was dōTERRA’s 10th anniversary so they pulled out all the stops, not with lots of flash and dash, but in making the experience as memorable and meaningful as possible.

The stuff that matters.

Definitely the highlight was Hugh Jackman as the special, secret guest. I had no idea he was such a humanitarian, which is something dōTERRA values highly. Mr. Jackman really impressed me when he not only sang for the crowd, but a) he had a live pianist, b) at a grand piano, and c) he made sure to thank his pianist. 

Sorry, I digress. A little.

Mr. Jackman’s presence there definitely was impressive, but what I wasn’t expecting was the alignment of this guest as the embodiment of things I prize highly. He is a musician, he respects and values his pianist (we pianists know how much this says about a person), he is a humanitarian. Check out Laughing Man Coffee for more info.

His presence there not only set the tone for the rest of the convention, but it made me realize exactly how much dōTERRA prizes respect for others and responsible stewardship. This is the stuff that matters.

Education deep dive.

The rest of the convention was stellar too. What I loved most of all were the deep dives into the science and research behind the oils. Every discussion about a product went into this level of depth. Never did the presenters simply hold up a product and say why it’s great and what you can use it for, but there was always a why it works, how it works, and how they know these things.

There are some highly-credentialled people in dōTERRA. There are medical doctors of various kinds, people with PhDs in different areas of research, advisory boards made up of vets, medical specialists, psychologists, chemists, environmentalists, etc.

I took reams of notes. I hung on everyone word of every presentation. The chemistry presentations fascinated me and I had trouble keeping up but I tried really hard.

The sourcing presentations really made me understand the heart of the company. Each oil has a background story that involves real people in real communities with real struggles. I loved learning about how dōTERRA sees the people behind oils as an integral part of the sourcing process. I also loved learning about the environmental stewardship that goes along with it.

The chance to be together, separately.

I’m Department Chair this year so I knew I wouldn’t be able to attend the Convention in person, though I had planned to tune into the livestream as I had in my first year in oily world. I was sad to miss out on the buzz and collective excitement that you can really only experience when everyone is together.

For obvious reasons the Convention is virtual this year. dōTERRA knows how to host an event, and there is no doubt in my mind this one will be spectacular. We’ll all be in this virtual experience together.

If you’re like me and love a deep dive into some great education, backed by data, with clear and complete explanations, the dōTERRA Virtual Convention is the place to be. This is our unique opportunity to be together virtually. Everyone has access to the same things.

What to Expect at the Virtual Convention


You can find the full agenda and details at this link, but here is the condensed version (in Mountain Time):

  • Wed Sep 9, 6-7:30pm MT: Product Reveal
  • Thu Sep 10, 10-11:30am MT: Sourcing and Purity
  • Thu Sep 10, 2-3:30pm MT: Immunity
  • Fri Sep 11, 10-11:30am MT: Business Practices
  • Fri Sep 11, 2-3:30pm MT: Relief (for things that hurt)
  • Sat Sep 12, 10-11:30am MT: Humanity (Healing Hands Foundation projects)
  • Sat Sep 12, 2-3:30pm MT: Mind and Mood
  • Sat Sep 12, 5-7:30pm MT: Business Training

All sessions will be recorded and available for viewing until Oct 30th if you can’t catch them live.

If you will be watching live and want the experience of watching with friends, I will be hosting some watch parties on Zoom for any of my people who have purchased their virtual convention ticket. Let me know and I’ll add you to the list to join in! Watching together is really the best way to do it.

The Virtual Convention – it’s worth it.

If you’re yearning for some great education and you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, this is where you need to be. Tickets are $30 USD and they are worth every single penny.

Register here, then let me know and I’ll add you to the Zoom party list (optional, but fun).

Oh yes, there’s great swag too. If you want the Virtual Convention Swag Box be sure to check out that option when you register.

There are so many other great perks to grabbing your ticket. Please don’t miss out on this great opportunity! It’s not every year you can attend a virtual convention like this with full access without needing to leave your house. Don’t miss this!